How to know when it's time to translate your tour and website content

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Jan 19, 2017

As your company grows, your customer base should too. Putting together a tour that will appeal to a variety of travelers is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition.

You want to offer something that makes people feel comfortable and excited about their experience. A big part of that experience is language. But are you and your customers speaking the same one?

It's important to be on the same page as potential customers and as the global market is always evolving. Here are some ways to identify if your tour content could use a language overhaul.

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How to grow your subscriber list with giveaways

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Jan 17, 2017

From revenue to good reviews, in business there is always something to gain. On the blog, we've written a lot about how your business can grow. But today we focus on how you can gain by giving something away.

While other advertising efforts are easily ignored, a giveaway will make you stand out. It's actionable, offering your customers something of value in exchange for their email subscriptionDepending on what's being offered (like an equipment rental or a discount), you need to know how to make the payoff for your subscribers worth their investment.

Here are three simple concepts to help you grow your subscriber list.

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The basics to building a great tour operator and activity provider website

Posted by Nicole Kow on Jan 16, 2017

Building a great website for your business is important because, more of often than not, it is your first point-of-contact for many of your customers. As they go through the travel customer journey of dreaming, planning, booking and experiencing, you want to be discovered at the dreaming stage, considered in the planning stage, and ready to accept bookings and payments at the booking stage.
In the age of the internet, the forever-connected modern traveller is likely to first discover you online. This is where your website plays a crucial role in guiding the traveller throughout their customer journey. For a seamless and satisfactory experience, you need to consider two things when building your website: usability and user experience.
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How to keep recurring tours interesting and entertaining

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Jan 12, 2017

Starting out as a tour or activity company is exciting, exhausting, and overall quite an enriching experience. But as time goes on, the initial excitement can begin to fade. As you focus more on the day-to-day of your business, it’s easy to get into a slump. 

This is especially true during low season, when you’re not as busy. 

From selling the same tours to gaining repeat customers, there are many things in a business that reoccur. It’s only a matter of time before you need some ideas to keep your tours and activities fresh. So here are some tips to get out of that slump and kick-start a new year.

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How to use Google Trends in your marketing content

Posted by Nicole Kow on Jan 10, 2017

In the age of content marketing, you not only need to produce top-quality content but also timely and relevant content. One way of doing this is by keeping up with what other people are talking about across the internet.

Check out trending stories on social media or other media platforms like Reddit to find out what topics are trending at the moment. Another tool that is incredibly useful to keep track of popular topics (and free!) is Google Trends.

Coming to grips with Google Trends can give your marketing efforts the boost it needs to drive more traffic to your site and to get more people interested in the tours and activities you offer. Here's how.

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10 tips to successfully bootstrap your tour and activity company

Posted by Nicole Kow on Jan 6, 2017

Starting off is tough, especially when you want to start a business on your own terms and be your own boss. Apart from getting a loan from the bank (the old school way), or finding investors to loan you some cash upfront (the "in" thing to do these days), you can also bootstrap your company and rely on your own funds for success.
Bootstrapping means that you're financing your business out of your own pocket and thanks to technology and the internet, it’s a lot easier to succeed than before. 
Here are 10 tips to help you successfully establish your business on minimal capital. 
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Here are the 7 emails every tour operator should write

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Jan 4, 2017

Communication is the key to every successful client relationship. Beyond face-to-face interactions, it is important to build productive and lasting correspondence. This can be achieved by reaching out in a number of ways, but perhaps the most important communication tool is email.

Today we'll look at a few examples from well-known companies and discuss how to make your email marketing efforts the best yet!

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How to tell if your marketing strategy is working

Posted by Nicole Kow on Jan 3, 2017

We market to sell.

However, in between marketing and selling is a journey your customers need to take before they are ready to make a booking and pay for your services. This journey should be guided by a clear marketing strategy that is grounded in even clearer goals. Each stage of your customer journey can also be measured and tracked, giving you unique insights into how your marketing efforts are performing on the World Wide Web.

Here are 4 metrics you can track along your customers' journey to find out if your marketing strategy is working.

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TrekkSoft World Adventures – the 2016 edition

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Jan 2, 2017

From the very beginning, TrekkSoft has been about adventure – and we've stuck to our roots. As the team has grown to over seventy people, mostly based in our HQ in Interlaken, Switzerland - we've kept hiring adventurous types who climb, ski, hike, bike, or swim on any given weekend.

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Moments that affected global travel in 2016

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Dec 31, 2016

2016 has been an eventful year. With many highs, lows, and unforeseen moments, the world has been watching as history is made. Since global matters have an effect on tourism and the way the world travels, it should be unsurprising that a few key moments have affected us all.

From the good, bad, and downright unexpected, here are a few moments from 2016 that have affected the global travel industry.  

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