The tourism boards with the best Instagram presence in the world right now

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Nov 25, 2016

The DestinationNext Report (Phase I) – a strategic road map for the next generation of global destination marketing – includes sixty-four trends which respondents identified as having "major impacts on their DMOs". Two of which are directly related to brand identity, one in terms of influencing travel decisions and the other in meeting planner perceptions. 

Today, brand identity continues to be tightly tied to social media, user-generated content and, in particular, Instagram. Instagram is one of the best marketing tools available to define and consolidate brand identity as a destination, and the DMOs with well-thought out strategies and persistence are the ones standing out.

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Everything you need to know about building a Facebook report

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Nov 8, 2016

While social media is an extremely effective form of marketing, there’s something that always surprises me: the number of businesses I encounter that don’t monitor their social media activity’s performance!

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Why user-generated content is your most powerful marketing tool

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Nov 3, 2016

Every now and then I ask people who run consumer-facing businesses what they think their most effective social network is. I’d say around 70% of these people say Facebook. The other 30% is evenly split between Twitter and Instagram.

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How to stay on top of your customer service with social media

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Oct 18, 2016

Social media is an extremely powerful way to market your business. Whether it’s joining a fast-paced Twitter chat, sharing an awe-inspiring photo to Instagram or streaming live video on Facebook, channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways for us to reach a wider audience.

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The state of social media: four trends and updates to know about [September 2016]

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Sep 29, 2016

I love working in digital marketing, and more specifically social media, for many reasons. It allows me to keep in touch with people and friends I don’t see too often and it’s always a great source of information. But most of all, I love how it’s constantly changing.

The last few weeks have busy ones in the worlds of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram due to these updates.

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Twitter terminology: here's everything you need to know...

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Sep 7, 2016

Of all the social networks out there, and today there are many, the one that businesses still find the hardest to get to grips with is Twitter. I find a lot of the time this comes down to one thing – Twitter terminology. People find it difficult to understand terms like DM, handles, avatars and mentions. That’s where we come in!

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4 recent social media updates you need to know about

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Aug 15, 2016

Working in social media keeps you on your toes: there are always new developments that you need to keep up-to-date with. Sometimes these are small changes, but other times they are more noticeable updates.

Recently there have been four of the bigger changes, and each one could have a major impact on the social media strategy for your tour and activity company. Here are all the details!

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7 ways to drive more engagement and earn more reach on Facebook

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Aug 5, 2016

Due to its algorithm, reaching your fan base on Facebook is notoriously difficult. Depending on what report you read, your updates only reach between 6% and 16% of your entire page likes. This is why so many businesses invest in Facebook advertising – to ensure the people they want to see their content actually see it.

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10 hidden Snapchat features tour and activity operators need to know about

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Jul 15, 2016

I've written recently how Snapchat is the flavour of the month when it comes to social networks. Anybody and everybody is changing their avatar to their ‘snapcode’ and more and more brands are trying to drive their existing communities to the increasingly popular photo-sharing app.

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The magic of Trolltunga: the Norwegian rock that went viral and its social media lessons for tour operators [Whitepaper]

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Jun 27, 2016

In 2009, hotels in the Hardanger region in Norway were struggling and on the verge of bankruptcy. Something drastic needed to be done, so Hardanger decided to change their marketing focus from fruit trees to something unique and extraordinary.

They decided to draw attention to the region in a new way that would make people stop and go wow. That is why they chose to feature the spectacular Trolltunga in their marketing strategy.

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