We are looking for a frontend developer that helps our team to optimize and implement new designs and improve our existing website, iframe and mobile solution.

Your Responsabilities

  • You’ll be implementing new designs to our frontend for web, mobile and our widget

  • You’ll be integrating our Iframe in our clients website

  • You’ll be developing our wordpress and joomla plugin

About our Development & Technologies

Our application runs on AWS where we're using EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, CloudFront.

Our servers use Nginx, Varnish, HAProxy. Our deployment and development consists of Git, Chef, Vagrant. The application is written in PHP 5.3+, mainly around ZendFramework 1 and

Doctrine ORM 1. We also have an API written in Go.

Our front-end is built in HTML, CSS, jQuery, jquery mobile and bootstrap front-end framework. You must be proficient in these. If you’re familiar with Photoshop, phoneGap, Git and Chef it’s a big plus or you have to learn it. We work with Freelance designers and it helps if you know a thing or two about designs and adapting them.

What you should bring

Required / Must be Proficient

  • jQuery

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JSON

Knowledge Required

  • Git / Bitbucket

  • Bootstrap front-end framework

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • jquery mobile

  • phoneGap

Nice to Have

  • PHP 5.3+

  • Zend Framework 1

  • Doctrine ORM 1

  • MySQL

  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, RDS, CloudFront)

  • Chef Opscode Knife

  • Memcache

  • Nginx

  • MongoDB

  • Varnish

  • Go

Soft Skills

  • Fluent in English writing/speaking

  • Age between 20 - 40 (we are between 20-40)

  • Motivated to learn new skills, programming languages and technologies

  • Have an interest in technology beyond the job (it's a plus if you write a blog, tweet, publish open source code on GitHub, help others on StackOverflow or try out new technologies and likes all things IT)

  • We're into tv series, so it does not hurt :-)

  • Like tours and activities, as we're planning to do company events where we experience what we sell (river rafting, canyoning, hiking, city tours, skydiving :-))

  • We're entrepreneurs at heart and expect dedication, passion and self-dependence of our employees, so we expect you to make decisions and get things done.

Test Case

We expect to see a portfolio of front-end projects you’ve developed and some code examples.


About Trekksoft Ltd.

TrekkSoft is a Swiss based start-up company founded in 2010. The founders, a group of  adventure enthusiasts, and experience specialists, had the idea to create a booking engine for tour operators and activity providers. In the last two years, TrekkSoft has been growing substantially, providing online booking and reservation solutions to over 200 tour and activity (T&A) companies worldwide and generating a credit card transaction volume of 5 million CHF. TrekkSoft focuses on usability and tries to make the booking process as simple and convenient as possible by, providing a software as a service solution. Anyone can sign up for this software in six easy steps, free of charge. Further, only transactions completed online are charged with a small commission fee.


  • USD 5.2 million online turnover generated

  • over 400k passengers booked

  • 200 T&A operators as clients

  • Offices in Switzerland and New York