A new home for surf camp bookings  

Bookings made simple with TrekkSoft's new Accommodation Feature 



"The Accommodation solution is more like an extension to our product than just a feature. It brings several elements together to equip you with a powerful tool to help you manage your accommodation/properties and offer them to your clients in combination with your activities."

Lukasz Porebski, Product Manager at TrekkSoft

A simple booking process, for you and your customer
Give your customers the chance to book a surf camp with lodging option at the same time


All your bookings in one
With the Accommodation Feature, you have all your customer booking information conveniently located in one spot. When a customer books a room and a separate dive activity or course, you can easily see both in your calendar. No more working between two programs, just an organized schedule in one place!  


Build packages around your customers

Your customers have the power to select the trip that fits their schedule. Whether it's an activity-packed surf course or a more leisurely stay, you can build something for everyone. You can even offer accommodation options a la carte, with custom price points for each. The choice is yours!


Manage all your properties
With the control panel, you can manage the flow of business from your properties with ease. Organize check-ins and check-outs for guests, as well as extended stays. There's an all-inclusive calendar that displays the occupied beds and rooms, even highlighting the spaces blocked out for special occurrences like renovations.   


Accept down payments
Accept down payments from customers, no matter how far out they choose to book their stay with you. You can set your rate for upfront payment, allowing customers to pay the remaining balance upon arrival. Managing your payments has never been easier!


 Best of all, the Accommodation Feature is included in the ProConnect and ProMarketer plans. No extra fees.

"For us, TrekkSoft has been invaluable in securing bookings from more than 80% of our customers. Receiving feedback from our customers helps us to improve our services and become a company that reinvents itself constantly. Thanks to TrekkSoft we not only have more customers, we also provide a better service." 

Andrés Obregón - Director of Fundación Diving Planet

"I remember seeing a very rapid growth in conversion rates since we introduced TrekkSoft’s payment gateway to help with online payments. TrekkSoft helped me realise that a website could generate money and since having my first activity go live, the payment gateway has helped us generate income".

Christophe Desmarais, Founder of Catamaran Cruises Mauritius

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