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Published by Colm Hanratty | Oct 28, 2015 | | 3 MIN READ

10 tools and apps to boost your Instagram activity as a tour operator or activity provider

I’m a big Instagram fan and have been for a long time. I’ve written on this blog about Instagram tips for tour operators before, but I only focused on the platform itself. In this post I’m going to look at different tools and apps you can use to further enhance your presence as a tourism company on the world’s best-known photo-sharing app.

1. Instatag


Hashtags are extremely important when it comes to Instagram. Whereas it’s seen as a bit desperate if you laden your tweets with hashtags on Twitter, on Instagram it’s common practice to have between five to ten of them with each photo. Instatag app tells you the most popular hashtags, then allows you to choose which ones you want to add to your photo.

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2. Schedugram

schedugramSomething that’s key when it comes to Instagram marketing is continuity. There’s no point sharing photos one week and not the other. To ensure you have a steady stream of photos on your channel, you need to plan a little. This online tool allows you to do that as it posts the content for you.

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3. Hyperlapse

hyperlapse2In June 2013 Instagram introduced video to their app. 14 months later, in August 2014, they introduced a new app called Hyperlapse which allows you to easily make timelapse videos.

To download for iOS click here.

4. iWatermark

iwatermarkIf you don’t want your photos to be used commercially without your consent, or if you want to get a bit of branding on to your images when you’re sharing them, this app will allow you to put your logo on your photos by way of a watermark.

To download for iOS click here; to download for Android click here.

5. Flipagram

flipagramWant to see your favourite Instagram photos in video format? Flipagram is a free app that allows you to create, share and discover photo-video stories. Not only that, it allows you to add your favourite songs too.

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6. Repost Whiz

repostwhizSometimes the best content to share isn’t your own content – it’s somebody else’s. You can manually share another user’s content on Instagram, but there’s a bit of work involved (by way of saving the photo to your device and resharing via your own account). However, by using Repost Whiz you can instantly ‘regram’ photos.

To download for iOS click here; to download for Android click here.

7. Iconosquare

iconosquareThis online tool lets you see who your top engager is, who unfollowed you, when your followers are online, what your most popular photos are, and much more. If you’re taking your Instagram marketing seriously, than this tool is an absolute must.

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8. InstaSize

instasize_2While Instagram is made for photos that are a perfect square, sometimes you’re doing the photos an injustice by cropping them. If you want the entire photo in all its glory, Instasize is the app for you.

To download for iOS click here; to download for Android click here.

9. Word Swag

word-swagIn age where the text on the photo is almost as important as the text that accompanies the photo, having an app that enables you to add text to your photos is pivotal. This one for iOS is extremely easy to use and can make even the most boring photos stand out.

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10. InsTrack


This app lets you do exactly what it says on the tin – track your followers. It tells you who unfollows you, who follows you that you don’t follow back, and who you’ve followed that doesn’t follow you back. There are lots of other nifty features if you upgrade to the premium version.

To download for iOS click here.


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