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Published by Nicole Kow | Sep 22, 2017 | | 4 MIN READ

15 FREE TOOLS that make it easy to supercharge your TrekkSoft website

Having a stellar website is key to attracting people to your site and having engaging content while they browse your site, read about your tours and book a trip with you. 

Beyond setting up your TrekkSoft site, you'll need to constantly work on it, tweak it and monitor it to constantly optimise your booking conversion rates.

Here are 15 free tools you can use to create engaging visuals, improve your content and supercharge your SEO. 


Before we get started, here are a few dimensions to bear in mind when creating and uploading images and visuals to your TrekkSoft website.

Header image format: JPG or PNG, 600 x 420 pixels

Teaser image format: JPG or PNG, 276 x 150 pixels

1. Canva - Making design easy for non-designers

A great tool for non-designers to design basic visuals for your website or social media. Easily drag and drop images, logos, shapes and text to create something that demands your reader's attention. 

2. Fotor - Simple image editing

For simple image editing, say to increase the brightness or lower saturation, or to enhance a photo with one of their filters, Fotor allows users to edit images fuss-free. It has an app that works on mobile phones too. 

3. Unsplash - Find copyright free images

How does our team produce written content with pretty pictures? We find them online. Unsplash has thousands of high-quality photos taken by professionals around the globe. There is literally a picture for every possible scenario.

If you need free pictures, head to Unsplash4. TinyPNG - Shrink images to improve site speed

Is your website taking too long to load? Improve page speed by compressing large images without losing any of the quality with TinyPNG. Just upload your images and TinyPNG will compress them for you.


5. Grammarly - Proofreading for English content

Upload, copy and paste, or start writing your content into Grammarly's web app and it'll highlight errors and provide you with suggestions in real-time. 

You could also use Grammarly's chrome extension that works within our CMS. 

Grammarly works in TrekkSoft's CMS

6. Keyword Explorer by Moz - Find keywords relevant to your content

Not sure what keywords to include in your title, activity information, meta description, website copy, or even on your blog, use this tool. 

Simply type in a short term or phrase about your tour or activity and it'll show you all other keywords relevant to your search term. Pick 2 to 3 terms to include in your copy and you're all set. 

Read: The new SEO rules to create quality and naturally SEO-friendly content


7. TripAdvisor widget - Display TripAdvisor reviews

Integrate your TripAdvisor profile with your website by using the widget extension available on Apps. You can choose to display your reviews or an overview of how your company is ranked on TripAdvisor throughout your website.

With this integration, you'll also be able to add a TripAdvisor placeholder in your post-trip emails to customers to ask them for reviews of your tours or activities. 

Read: Your quick guide for a TripAdvisor profile that will stop customers in their tracks


8. Facebook integration - Add a "Like" button and more 

You can also integrate your Facebook page to your TrekkSot website to display your Facebook reviews on your site. Add a "Like" button to your site to stay in touch with site visitors, allow customers to log in with their Facebook accounts to retrieve tickets and install Facebook Pixel onto your website to track customer conversions. 

To get started, make sure you have setup a Facebook Company account (more information here). Once that's done, head over to Apps to activate the integration


9. Google Analytics - Understand how visitors behave on your website

Another integration that can be enable on your TrekkSoft website is Google Analytics to find out how site visitors interact with your website. Head over to our support pages to learn how to set this up. 


10. Google Webmasters - Find out how Google views your site

According to Google"Google Search Console is a free service... that helps you monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results. You don't have to sign up for Search Console for your site to be included in Google's search results, but doing so can help you understand how Google views your site and optimize its performance in search results."

Sign up for Google Webmasters, take the free course and improve your site's performance. Warning: this may be a long and never-ending learning process. 

Read: Beginner's guide to Google Webmasters tool by Kissmetrics 


11. Google PageSpeed Insights - Find out how long it takes your website to load

Why is this important? According to CrazyEgg (silly name but one of the best online marketing blogs out there), nearly half of internet users expect a page to load in TWO SECONDS or less. They also cited Walmart's findings where for every extra second a page took to load, conversion rate dropped by 2% per second. 

Find out how long it takes your website to load and follow the recommended next-steps to up your game. 


12. Google Mobile-Friendly Test - Learn how your website performs on mobile

79% of travellers research and booked a trip on their mobile phones in 2017, and 1 in 2 travel journeys start on a mobile device. On top of that, 50% of millennials discover a new tour or activity operator through their smartphones. 

Find out how your mobile site is performing and learn about the different tips and tricks you can implement to provide a better mobile experience, and secure more bookings. 


13. SimilarWeb - Spy on your competition

Want to know how much traffic your competitors are getting? And from where? SimilarWeb gives you all the details you need about any site's traffic.


14. Website Grader by HubSpot - Get a clear report on how your site is performing

Dont have time to go through each Google site test? Run your site by Website Grader and get instant results and tips to improve your site. 


15. Atom SEO - Check your site for broken links

Broken links can happen in an old blog article where you referenced something that no longer exists, or when someone changes a URL without providing redirects. It's a good habit to check your site for broken links every 3 to 6 months. Broken links could lead to poor user experience on your site as it frustrates users when they can't find the answers they thought you provided. 


Here are 20 simple steps to improve your website and get more bookings:

Website checklist download

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