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Published by Stefani de Matos | Oct 21, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

3 new TrekkSoft features: activity inquiries, custom activity bookings, payment links

TrekkSoft is happy to announce the release of three new features: 

  1. Activity Inquiries permits customers to inquire about a specific activity that does not adhere to a set schedule. 
  2. Custom Activity Bookings allows the merchant to create a specific voucher, attraction or trip that has no preassigned schedule behind it.
  3. Payment Links enables merchants to invoice their customers for a specific down payment value or the full the basket amount. Though the personalized payment link, customers will have the opportunity to complete the payment.

These new features are available when you subscribe to our Premium plan or higher. 


Activity Inquiries 

The activity inquiries feature can be activated for all activities having the ability to be inquired by customers.

Once activated, an Inquire Booking button will appear on the activity page, granting customers the ability to submit a query through the inquiry form. 

After completion of the form, the merchant will receive an email. All inquires will be easily viewable in the merchant's admin desk under bookings > inquiries. 

The merchant can now contact the customer directly and create a custom activity booking.


Custom Activities Booking

If you have activities with irregular schedules, or if you wish to create a special booking for your customers, this can be done within the booking desk. A Create custom booking option is now available for each activity.

Merchants will be prompted to select the type of activity, choose whether it's linked to a specific date or time (Attraction/Trip) or a free sale voucher, add guests and specify price category information.

Once completed, the booking can either be marked as paid or as a reservation. If marked as a reservation, a unique invoicing/payment link can be sent to the customer for payment. 

Payment Links

If the merchant has a basket item with a reservation (no payments yet) or outstanding payments, then a payment link can be generated and sent to the customer. This link can either be sent personally by the merchant or through the TrekkSoft system as an invoice.

The payment link also allows the merchant to invoice his/her customers should they wish to book a private/custom tour.

Within the guests' basked details, under Payments select the link Create payment link for this basket.


The pop-up allows the possibility to choose the amount the customer needs to pay. The merchant now has the option to generate a URL which can be sent to the customer or, alternatively, select to send an email directly to the customer from within our system. 

The unique URL directs the customer to the checkout point, where they are able to settle their outstanding payment.

We hope that these new features will make running your business online a whole lot simpler and further positively influence your TrekkSoft experience. Please comment below and share your thoughts and experiences.


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Stefani de Matos
Published by Stefani de Matos
Stefani is Portuguese/South African. She spent 4 years in Rome, Italy, where she obtained her BSc in Business Administration and Minor in Film and Digital Media. Stefani now works as a Customer Success Manager at Trekksoft.
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