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How a partner network can bring destination success

We’ve been writing a lot recently about marketing for Destination Management Organizations (DMOs). You can check out our free eBook ‘The Destination Marketing Handbook’, which is filled with useful tips on how to market your destinations and experiences.

Skift recently published a blog titled '4 Trends Defining Tourism Marketing in 2018.' Dan Peltier wrote, ‘We’ve seen a lot of tried-and-true marketing tactics from destinations this year, but we also saw some newer, smarter strategies on how to use the masses of content and opinions available these days, thanks to social media.’

One trend in the article stood out as an excellent marketing strategy for destinations. It's easily achievable, makes business sense, and surprising that more destinations are not utilizing opportunities to collaborate.

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Published by Nicole Kow | Dec 18, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

5 Christmas hashtags to get your business noticed this season

Twitter is a great tool to get more bookings this Christmas, as is Instagram. With #Winter and #Christmas2016 around the corner, it’s the perfect time to inject some #ChristmasSpirit into your #SocialMedia. Don’t be a #GrumpyGrinch this season. 

Here are 5 #ChristmasHashtags to get your company noticed on Twitter and Instagram this #Christmas.

1. #Christmas2017

Probably the most obvious hashtag of all. Just make sure it’s 2017, not any other year. You could end up looking careless on social media otherwise.


2. #MerryChristmas

Everyone loves a good ol’ Christmas greeting. Why not use this hashtag to join in on the festivity happening this season? Just remember to spell out Christmas rather than abbreviate it to Xmas.

A simple analysis based on last year’s Christmas tweets showed that “Christmas” was more frequently used and viewed compared to “Xmas”.




3. #Naughty or #Nice?

The same analysis also looked at the difference between tweets using #Naughty and #Nice. #Naughty was the winning hashtag last year and that doesn’t seem like it’ll change this year.


4. #Santa

Who doesn’t love this jolly old man who breaks into your house to give you free gifts, eat all your cookies and drink all your milk? If you’d like to thank him for all the Christmas joy he’s brought, #Santa is your best bet. #SantaClaus can also be used, but it does take up more characters and sends the same message anyway.




5. Take a leap of faith and hashtag anything Christmassy happening in your area

You could take a picture of your #ChristmasTree or #ChristmasLights. If you attended a Christmassy event, why not tweet about it and include #CarolsByCandlelight or #ChristmasSale?

If you’re stuck on ideas, check out Rite Tag’s analysis on Christmas-related hashtags to help you decide what to tweet about. It gives you live feedback on what’s trending which could be useful too.

If you'd like to learn more about the various tools that could help you master the Twitter-sphere this Christmas, check out these 10 free Twitter tools to help you grow your account's engagement.



This year, I hope to make #ChristmasWithCheese and #ChristmasInInterlaken trend on Twitter. Even though I’ll be celebrating Christmas a thousand miles away, it’s a beautiful place so why not give it a little shout out whenever you can?


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