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Published by Colm Hanratty | May 23, 2017 | | 2 MIN READ

5 different ways to use Facebook Live for your business

We live in a world of livestreaming. We have done for a while in fact, particularly when it comes to social media thanks to apps like Meerkat (which is now no more) and Twitter’s Periscope.

But, unsurprisingly, the most popular place to livestream in 2017 is also the most popular social network – Facebook. Using Facebook Live, you can stream from anywhere about (almost) anything. It’s also a great way of generating organic reach on Facebook. Something which, a lot of you probably know, can be very difficult.

If Facebook Live is part of your social media strategy for 2017 and you’re wondering how to engage in it, here are five ways…

Give users a taste of what they can expect

Since you’re in the tour and activity space, you’ve got something very special to sell – an unforgettable experience in a great location. Showing it in a photograph is one thing… sharing it in real time is another.

Bring a fully-charged phone with you when out on a tour and share that experience and location in real time! Give people a taste of what to expect if they embark on a tour with you. Not only will it give people more of a feeling for your destination – you’ll benefit from wide organic reach in the process.

2. Do a live Q&A

There’s a reason most websites in the world have an FAQ section – it’s because people frequently ask questions! While you should definitely have an FAQ page on your website, add value to your offering by answering a bunch of these questions in a live video on your Facebook page. As well as answer many existing questions, you’ll give people the opportunity to ask you new ones also.

3. Run a promotion

If you read our post on tips for running a flash sale, you’ll notice that one of our tips is to keep the time window short and concise. This is to create a sense of urgency and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

By running an offer via a Facebook Live video, you’ll be creating the shortest window available for claiming a video… an hour! This is great way to track your ROI on Facebook as well as be innovative and personal at the same time.

4. Give them a tour… of your business

People love transparency on social media. They love seeing not only the people behind the business, but the locations behind the business too.

Let people know you’ll be giving them an insight into the people behind the business along with where business is conducted. They’ll feel like they know a bit more about the business, making you that little bit more genuine and trustworthy.

5. Tease new products

There are two things you can be sure of with a Facebook Live video. They are: 

  • You’ll generate lots of organic reach from it
  • Most people won’t stay around to watch the entire video


With the second point in mind, it’s good to try and keep videos short and sweet. This is why a short video announcing a small amount of details about an upcoming product is the perfect subject for a Facebook Live video.

It will be short, it will generate lots of reach and it will support what the topic of the video is about – doing something new!


Does your social media need a bit more organisation this season? Our handy Social Media Planner is a good place to start.

Weekly social media planner

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Colm Hanratty
Published by Colm Hanratty
Colm is Founder and Managing Director of digital marketing agency Sixtwo Digital. After running’s content and social media for almost 11 years he felt it was time to branch out on his own, using all his experience to educate others in the travel space.
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