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7 things you can do with TrekkSoft's Accommodation feature

Published by Nicole Kow on Dec 13, 2016

Renting your own properties or reselling bed nights is a great way to expand your business and give your customers an all-in-one package at your destination. Whether you've been doing this for a while or if you've just started out, TrekkSoft's Accommodation feature can help you streamline your bookings and reduce admin. 

Since the release of our new accommodation feature in October, we've found that our customers are benefiting from it in interesting ways. It has given them the opportunity to forge new relationships with local accommodation providers and offer a more extensive and wholesome experience to their customrs. 

Here are 7 ways you can benefit from TrekkSoft's Accommodation feature.

1. Allow customers to book accommodation with you in real-time

Just like the rest of our booking software, we allow you, your resellers, and your customers to view your inventory in real-time. This means that everyone is kept up-to-date about your latest availabilities and can book an accommodation with you at any time.


2. Get an overview of your resources and manage it from one platform

With our Accommodation Overview, you'll be able to see who's checking in and checking out on any given day. You can also manually check a guest in or out, and add Guest Details should you need to.

No more Excel spreadsheets or multiple booking systems, have all your booking information in one place. 

Find out how you can grow your tour and activity business by providing accommodation options to your customers here. 

Rent a cabin.


3. Set up separate systems to track bookings for activities and bed nights 

With our software, business owners can also set up their tracking and reporting such that you can find out how many activities and bed nights you've sold. This also comes in handy when assigning different tax rates to different types of bookings because the chances are that taxes on bed nights would differ from taxes on activities.

Speaking of taxes, we will also be launching Extended Variable Tax feature and you can learn more about it here. It's time to work with a system that can be adapted around your business' needs, not the other way around.


4. Set up variable pricing

It's common practice for accommodation providers to price their beds or rooms differently according to the season or day of the week. With TrekkSoft, you can do just that and adjust the pricing to suit your business' needs.


5. Provide Add-Ons to your accommodation bookings

For businesses who would like to give their guests the option of booking additional facilities, you can do so by creating Add-Ons. Guests can opt for additional services like daily room cleaning, breakfast, or packed lunch; or request extra facilities like additional mattresses or a hairdryer.

Booking feature for bed nights.


6. Partner up and resell hotel rooms at your destination

If you don't own any accommodation facilities but have local businesses who do, you can partner with them and resell their bed nights on your website. Say you manage to work out a deal with a local hotel and they allot 20 rooms for your business, and give you a commission for every booking made through your business, our accommodation feature comes in incredibly handy.

What more, you can also set up the system such that it notifies the hotel or hostel of a new reservation.


7. Confirm a booking now and charge guests on a later date

Combined with TrekkSoft's payment gateway, you can also enable the "Confirm and charge later" option where businesses can confirm or cancel a booking before processing payment. This option for businesses who are unable to provide real-time availabilities for their accommodation.


Who is this feature suitable for?

TrekkSoft's developers want the system to be as flexible as possible, to accommodate different business needs and help them grow. Therefore, if you offer or resell bed nights in a hostel, hotel or guesthouse, our system can help you manage your bookings seamlessly and streamline your admin. The accommodation feature is adjustable for rooms, beds, houses, cabins and more.

Rent a cabin to make extra income.


If you're already a TrekkSoft customer, check out these step-by-step guides to set up your Accommodation Resources and manage them all on one platform.

  • Basics to creating accommodation with TrekkSoft.
  • Learn to manage your accommodation with TrekkSoft here.
  • Learn how to create different rooms and set different prices for them here.
  • Find out how hostels can use TrekkSoft sell beds per night here.


For customers who want more support, our Customer Success Managers are available to help you out. Arrange a call with your manager to:

  • Learn more about this tool and get the support you need to create customised solutions suitable for your company
  • Figure out how to adapt the software to suit your business' needs. Our Customer Success Managers can help you analyse the resources you have to set up a process that makes the most sense for you.
  • Create a unique experience for your customers online. Before your call with our expert team, you can decide what user experience you want your customers to have on your website and our team will do their best to help you set that up.

Not yet a customer? Well, get in touch with us to find out more. 


The Accommodation Feature is included with Enterprise plans onwards. It's time to work with a software solution that meets your business needs.

Get in touch with our team for more information.

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Nicole Kow

Published by Nicole Kow

Having graduated from the UK, Nicole travelled around Europe before joining TrekkSoft's marketing team. She is now based in KL and regularly blogs about her travels at Next Train Out.

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