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Published by Nicole Kow | May 17, 2017 | | 3 MIN READ

Announcing TrekkPay: The ultimate solution for tour and activity operators to take payments online

If you run a tour and activity business, you've probably encountered a few obstacles before, one of them being this - How do you accept payments online? 

From the very beginning, TrekkSoft has strived to create an all-in-one solution for tour and activity providers to market, sell and manage your bookings online. That should include accepting payments online. Which is where TrekkPay comes in, TrekkSoft's very own online payment solution.

Our goal is to eliminate the hassle of you searching for a payment solution that fits the nature of tour and activity businesses around the world.


An online payment solution created

by tour and activity operators for tour and activity operators

Traditionally, tour and activity operators had to rely on banks and 3rd party gateways like PayPal and Stripe, who are still tied to traditional banks, to accept payments online. The problem here was that operators were deemed as "high risk" because the travel sector is regarded as volatile and unstable. 

When your business is regarded as "high risk", you end up entering contractual agreements that tie you to a lot of terms and conditions, including penalty fees or high costs for issuing refunds or managing cancellations.

With TrekkPay, tour and activity operators will receive a payment service created for you. We understand that some issues like cancellations and refunds just come with the nature of the business, and we're okay with that.

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Facts, figures and numbers about TrekkPay

TrekkPay rates-1.png


  • Your transaction fees are capped at 3.5% + 0.60 per transaction.
  • TrekkPay is enabled by SIX, a PCI II compliant payment service, and rated A by Moody Credit Rating.
  • No additional conversion fees or cross border transaction fees.
  • Free management of disputes of chargebacks.
  • Get a dedicated account manager to oversee your TrekkPay transactions.
  • Opt to have your money credited to your bank account or credit card for €5.
  • Work in major currencies and accept payments from customers worldwide.*




























*TrekkPay works in all countries except Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan and Syria.


Here comes the really good stuff

TrekkPay comes with all TrekkSoft plans, which allows us to streamline your booking, management and payment solutions even further. Apart from accepting payments online and issuing refunds online, here are a few other perks of using TrekkPay. 


Split payment (1).png


Set up split payments to automate payouts to multiple partners you connect with via the Partner Network. If you work with many partners, save yourself time and energy and let our system handle the payments for you. 

Enable pre-authorisation of credit cards, especially useful if you first need to verify your customers' information and details. Once you've confirmed the relevant details, you can charge your customers at a later date. 

Stay on top of your company's financial performance at all times. With TrekkPay as your payment gateway, easily access your online transactions through TrekkPay's dashboard. 



Your online payment solution is here

We believe that we're getting closer to our goal of becoming a one-stop solution for tour and activity providers around the world. With TrekkPay, we're only getting closer to that goal. 


Learn more about TrekkPay by contacting our team.  

Speak to the TrekkSoft team

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