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How to increase the professionalism of your tourism company

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Aug 30, 2016

As the owner of a tour and activity company, an attraction, or a destination marketing organisation, one of your main goals will be professionalism. After all, being professional breeds trust, security, and faith in your services: all of which can lead to more bookings. This is especially, although not exclusively, the case for attracting high spenders and luxury travellers.

To help you achieve these goals and raise your ranking as a respected tourism brand for your destination, here are the key areas we recommend you focus on first.


1. You need a solid website

Professionalism isn't just about how you interact with customers and build your brand offline - today, your online professionalism is often most important.

To get back to basics, your first step is to be actually visible online. If your website isn't working or you need to renew your domain, stop reading and get this sorted now!

Once you have a domain name and your website is live, you need to make sure that your website is helping - not hindering - your customers' booking process. Ensure that you answer all common questions, that a prospective customer can easily get in touch with you, and that you show off the best side of your tours and activities.


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2. Make sure you accept online bookings

If you want to be in the top tier of professional companies, you need to be accepting online bookings. Being able to book and pay online has become a requirement for many travellers, and this is only going to be more common as we all become more digitally-savvy. Conveniently for you, you're in the right place!

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TrekkSoft customer Visit Meteora has one of our favourite examples of a smooth and simple booking process (and brilliant user experience!) You can read our Spotlight interview with the founders here.


3. Remember user experience

If your website has good user experience, it means that a visitor has an easy time navigating, finding information, and booking a tour or activity on your site. You could start by...

You can click here to find out more about the essentials of great user experience and how it's proven to get you more bookings.


4. Reply to enquiries quickly

I'm sure you know this one already, but swift communication really is so important. When someone is weighing up your company, you have to act fast to capture their attention. Otherwise, they'll just choose one of your competitors. It's crucial that you display your contact details on your website, including your email address and phone number.

You can also provide quick answers to requests with a live chat widget on your website (check out the TrekkSoft homepage - we also use one). However, if you're going to use live chat, the key part is that you respond to messages!

Ultimately, to save time on booking requests and also speed up conversions, it goes back to #2 in this post: accepting online bookings. With an online booking system like TrekkSoft, customers can get an instant confirmation for a set time - and you can get paid instantly too. 


Check out how TrekkSoft customer Outdoor Interlaken uses a live chat widget for instant communication and to increase their professionalism.


5. Treat every customer as if they will review you online

Another good rule of thumb is to treat every customer as if they will review you online to their legions of fans and followers. After all, this might well happen!

For every customer touch point, think: how can I delight this person and help them remember my company?

Exceed expectations and you will quickly develop powerful word-of-mouth advertising while accumulating more five bubble TripAdvisor reviews.

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