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Published by Colm Hanratty | Dec 19, 2014 | | 1 MIN READ

7 reasons selling gift vouchers is great for tour and activity companies

All year round people are always buying gifts for each other. Whether it's Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary, every day of every week brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, wives, husbands and everybody else are deciding what to buy as a gift.

One of the most popular presents at this time of year is a gift token or voucher. Is it something your company offers? If not, it should be. Here are seven reasons why selling gift vouchers is good for your tour or activity business.

1. They increase brand awareness

The people who buy gift vouchers as gifts are obviously aware of the company and product they are buying a voucher for. But the recipient of the gift may not be. By allowing customers buy gift vouchers for your tour or activity, you are enabling your product to reach more people. Not only the recipient, but also their network – who doesn’t tell everybody what they got for Christmas?

2. They showcase your tour or activity range

Upon receiving a voucher for any business, whoever receives it then has to decide what to spend it on. This means browsing a brochure, reading about the products on offer, looking at the price, soaking up the rich media and more. A gift voucher is an invitation that says ‘Hey there, come and look at every single product I sell’.

3. They’re great for customer retention

Here’s another scenario – somebody buys a gift voucher to the value of €100. The same hugging and smiling goes on after gifts are exchanged. A week later the lucky recipient of the gift voucher logs on to your website and sees an activity they want to do that costs €40. They book in and now have another €60 to spend on another occasion. This ensures they’ll definitely be returning to spend the remainder of their gift.

4. They help increase revenue

So here’s the scenario – somebody buys a gift voucher for your tour or activity company to the value of €100. Immediately, there’s a healthy sale. Then the purchaser gives the recipient their voucher and there’s a lot of hugging and smiling. A week later the recipient logs on to your website and looks through your products. They see something they want to do, only it costs €140. After looking through your other products yet again, the make the final decision that this is the tour they want to buy. So not only has the gift voucher generated the €100 it was originally worth, the final sale has added increase that sale by 40%.

5. Buying them can be convenient

Streets famed for their retail outlets such as Regent Street in London, Fifth Avenue in New York City and Pitt Street in Sydney are pretty manic all year round in fact. By allowing somebody buy a gift voucher for your company online presents them with something that is extremely convenient. They can shop online from anywhere at any time.

6. They allow flexibility – time and product

By allowing gift vouchers to be purchased for your company, you’re presenting the recipient with flexibility. You’re telling them they can buy any one of your products and use it at any time within a certain period.

7. It displays trust

If somebody buys a gift voucher for your tour company it means many things. One of them is trust – they are essentially advocates in your brand. They don’t only love it themselves, they are confident enough that somebody else will too. Every time somebody buys a gift voucher, a vote of confidence is placed for your brand.


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