Featured: how a Mexican buggy tours company built a custom website with TrekkSoft's website builder

Posted by Nelson Oduro on May 26, 2015

Jungle Buggy Tours in Mexico builds a custom website for their ATV and off-road adventures using TrekkSoft’s website builder.

Jungle Buggy Tour is an ATV Buggy adventure company located in Playa del  Carmen, Mexico. Created by Nicolas Didier and Claire the JungleBuggyTour excursion aims to show visitors from all over the world the hidden treasures of Playa del Carmen. “Our commitment is to provide you with a high quality service, away from mass tourism. In small groups of 8 persons maximum, we'll welcome you in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”They have regularly inspected equipment to ensure visitor safety, and a team that speaks French, Spanish, and English to make all visitors feel welcomed.

Jungle Buggy Tours had assembled a top notch team ready to give tours. Nicolas was at the forefront with the rest of the guides giving tours and Claire was entrusted with all of the administrative duties. She is the liaison between the customer and the company, forcing her to be pretty much on call 24/7. With a system in place they needed a website that was top notch like them. A website that was just as inviting on the web as Claire was on the phone

TrekkSoft’s website builder provides companies with an exciting modern responsive website. The responsive website means that with TrekkSoft’s template you can view your website from any device. So Jungle Buggy Tour’s website looks great on any computer, tablet and smartphone. Not only does it lookjunglebuggy2 good but the website builder is a content management system. Companies using the CMS like Jungle Buggy Tours can upload their custom itinerary in the backend. They can create their own content and upload images to brighten up the site. You can upload your company’s logo and design the website in your company’s custom colors. You can connect you Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels on your website, so guests on your website can see live posts. And a bright spot for tour and activity companies, you can also connect your TripAdvisor account, so all your reviews will show up on the website. TrekkSoft provides all of these wonderful functions with their website builder, and this is what Jungle Buggy Tours took advantage of to build their website. 

A good looking website is not the only thing Jungle Buggy needed. They needed the website to accept bookings and payments as well, to ease the load off of Claire a bit. The responsive website provided exactly that. Guest can book from any device and the bookings are registered. Claire does need to be by the phone 24/7 anymore. The  great thing for Claire is that she can also make changes from anywhere as well. She can view upcoming departures and passenger manifests right from her smartphone. If need be Claire can adjust capacity and cancel trips right from the phone as well. With the booking system Jungle Buggy Tours is always up to date. The team can relax a bit and witness real time bookings coming in.

The website and the booking system look great and are functioning well. This has allowed Jungle Buggy Tours to draw more customers on their site. Their sales have gone up significantly to switching over to TrekkSoft’s template. The administrative work has gone down. The booking system does all the work from taking bookings and payments to managing everything, so although it's just Claire in the office she is not overwhelmed.

Jungle Buggy Tours plan to to continue to grow sales by utilizing all of TrekkSoft’s great features. Contact us to find out how you can grow your sales as well!


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Nelson Oduro

Written by Nelson Oduro

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