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Published by Nelson Oduro | Feb 23, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

Famous pub crawl uses voucher function to increase bookings

Trying to get friends together to do a group event can be very time consuming and annoying, especially if you have been put in charge of planning everything. A popular group activity is a pub crawl, but securing tickets that match everyone’s schedule can make the task daunting. Clock Tower Bar Crawl knows this issue all too well and they have a solution.

The Clock Tower Bar crawl is Prague’s oldest, biggest, and longest running pub crawl. The Prague pub crawl has been a nightlife mainstay for nearly 5 years allowing them to offer a great deal every night of the year! "The Clock Tower Bar Crawl", Prague's pub crawl, provides legendary dynamism, great conversation, the chance to meet new friends - local Praguers or fellow travellers - over a beer or on the dance floor. You can party with them anyday of the week for only 450 czk or 18 Euros.

The team at Clock Tower Bar Crawl are party goers themselves and enjoy the bar crawl. They understand how important it is to find the right company that provides a bar crawl that is enjoyable to everyone. After creating a bar crawl that encompasses  the best of Prague, they needed a way to present their tour to the masses. They needed a website that can sell and the tools needed to use the website to get more bookings.

Websites need to be responsive. What I mean by responsive is that the website needs to function properly no matter what platform it is being viewed on. You have to make sure you have a mobile optimised website, If potential customers can't book from a phone or a tablet you are losing out on money. To guarantee that their website did not have this problem  Clock Tower Bar crawl uses TrekkSoft’s content management system is mobile optimised, so their guests can book the bar crawls from any platform. Agents and the team at Clock Tower can also make changes to the backend from any device with the booking engine.

A lot of the guests that frequent the pub crawls do it in groups. They have no idea when they will all have time. Sometimes is tourists from out of town staying for a week. The guests know that they would like toclocktowerpic attend the bar crawl during the week, but they have no idea which day they want to go on. The team at Clock Tower were getting last minute arrivals and bookings and had no way of administering it into the system.

Clock Tower Bar Crawl wanted a solution to this problem. They needed a way for guests to book and pay without picking a specific date. TrekkSoft’s voucher function allowed them to provide this. Guests can buy vouchers on the website for a bar crawl, and not pick a specific date. Vouchers can be redeemed for any future date. The guests will have to call Clock Tower some time in advance to redeem the voucher. All members of the party can now buy a voucher, or they can collectively get a group voucher and redeem it when they are ready to go.

The voucher function worked wonders. Voucher bookings skyrocketed, as it opened up to a new market. It gave undecided tourists a chance to make a booking, but not committing to a specific date. It gave them more flexibility, and less pressure while booking.

Agents can now also sell vouchers, and book it into the system. Agents working for Clock Tower can sell vouchers as add-ons to guests immediately after the bar crawl, inviting them to come again. Vouchers are a unique way to upsell to guests. Agents can attach codes to vouchers to give frequent customers discounts when they book.

Clock Tower Bar Crawl will continue to find new ways to use TrekkSoft and the many features it provides tour and activity providers to make their offerings better. They just want to give guest the best night of their lives that they will never remember!

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Nelson Oduro
Published by Nelson Oduro
Nelson was part of TrekkSoft's marketing team in our New York Office for three years, paying particular attention to the growth of our digital marketing strategy.
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