Companies of the week: Sailing in Spain or Bird-watching in Ecuador

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Feb 23, 2015

This week's companies of the week features Maroc Decourvertes, an adventure company in Marrakech, Tours Unlimited, an eco-tour company from Ecuador, and a husband and wife team running a catamaran in Southern Spain. Read more about them.

Maroc Decouvertes

marocdécouvertesMaroc Decouvertes leads of this weeks companies of the week from Marrakech, Morocco. The day trip company truly believe that Morocco is the most beautiful countries in the world. Their goal is to make sure everyone will realize this one day. They want to show their guests an authentic Morocco, the Morocco that is generous, warm, friendly, surprising. Maroc Decourvertes’ are all guided, by tour guides with an expert eye, and knowledge and passion for the country. They have a plethora of tours to choose from, or they can help you compose the perfect holiday trip.

Most companies generally have one city tour that takes guests through the city, passing by all the landmarks and usual attractions. Maroc Decouvertes has plenty of city tours to choose from. Each tour focuses on one aspect of Marrakech and its neighboring cities. Guests can choose to visit the fortified city of Essaouira, and witness the medieval architecture, or visit the fishing port and dine on a freshly caught and prepared fish. A personal favorite is the all day trip that takes you through three cities. You begin the marocday in Marrakech, head to Rabat, breeze through Casablanca, and finish off in Marrakech again. “Rabat, and Casablanca city, two cities where coexists is a natural harmony between the traditions of a country rich in history and modernity, look to the future, discover the charm of its two vibrant cities in the Kingdom of Morocco in one day.” On long vacation trips one can see all the beauties of Morocco.

It doesnt take much to convince guests to go with Maroc Decouvertes, their website is the first welcome mat to their beloved Morocco. Choosing to go with TrekkSoft’s Content Management System, their tours are neatly displayed with big teaser images. People go on the website and are already enticed to book a tour.

Tours Unlimited 

tourssunlimitedLets go to Ecuador for our second featured company of the week, Tours Unlimited. Headquartered in the capital city of Quito, Tours Unlimited is an adventure tour provider, specializing in tours for small groups, families, couples, and newlyweds. Like most companies in Ecuador, they are invested in teaching their guests about the people of Ecuador. Their customs and languages, and everything that makes Ecuador so special. They stay true to these core values while providing a bevy of tours for customers to choose from.

Tours include all day tours that gets everyone involved, they are trekking tours through the Amazon.  Guests head northwest out of Quito, crossing the Equator  and make a stop at the viewpoint of Pululahua, an extinct volcano. Ecuador is known for being at a high altitude, areas range from 500 to 1500 meters above sea level.They also have multi day tours, that will have guests lodging in the Amazon, and learning lizardsall about the indigenous cultures.  What Tours Unlimited has become known for is their bird tours. Towns like Mindo have become synonymous with eco-tourism because of it location. It is situated right in between Chocoan lowlands and the Tropical Andes. Tours Unlimited provides some of the best eco-tours into this region, introducing guests to the wonders that they have become accustomed to.

Sail and Stay

sailandstaylogoTo cap of this week we head to Southern Spain with Sail and Stay. Sail and Stay offers luxury skippered charters. You can sail with them on a luxury catamaran, with  a qualified skipper, 1st mate and 11 of your closest friends. Sail and Stay is co-owned by Stephen and Maggie, a married couple with Viking blood running through their veins. They both share a passion for the sea. In 2008 Stephen left a prominent career to start Sail and Stay, Maggie a cordon bleu masterchef often surprises guest with culinary delights on extended cruises. They have assembled a diverse team of former educators, and musicians, to give each cruise a spunk.

Their day charters are the most popular among their guests. They have 2 options, one for 3 hours and another for 6 hours. They provide everything to give guests a memorable experience, all guests have to do setandsailis come prepared to have fun. The same options are offered but privately just for you and your family and friends if that is what you prefer.  Delicious open buffet and complimentary champagne, wine, beer, soft drinks & bottled water are served throughout all cruises. Guests can book any of their wonderful offerings on their website. Sail and Stay uses TrekkSoft’s content management system, where they can display their catamarans and crew in all their glory. Time to round up your family and go for a cruise!!!

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