Companies of the week: Biking in Chile, Exploring in Croatia, and Diving in Colombia

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Jun 13, 2015

After a brief hiatus we are back with the companies of the week series. We have three new companies to welcome us back, and we check up on an old company. To welcome us back are Easybici in Santiago, Sugaman Tours in Croatia, and Diving Planet in Colombia.  


 For our first feature company we head to Chile to visit Easybici. Easybici is an electric bike tour and rental company located in Santiago Chile. An electric bike is a regular bike equipped with a motor and a battery park. With one goal in mind, “ To provide the best possible experience on two wheels” the Easybici team started the company. The team has lived and ridden bikes all over the world, so it was only right they started an electric company in beautiful Santiago.  Easybici is the only free-range bike rental and tour operating company in Chile. The company has a modern fleet of bikes that can handle any terrain you may encounter. The versatile fleet allows the team to come up with an array of different tours.

Easybici offers both guided tours and self-guided tours. The TrekkSoft booking system allows them to divide their tours in different themes. They have an historical tour, which takes guest through the “heart and soul” of Santiago. A great tour for history and culture buffs and guests who want to get to know Santiago like a local. For the nature enthusiasts indulge in Easybici’s Meditation in Motion tour. Its a nature ride easybici1through Parque Metropolitano, the sixth largest urban park in the world. And to witness the modern day rush of the business district of Santiago the Uptown Vista Tour is just for you. You get to see Chileans in action as they go about their day. Their is a tour for everyone to enjoy, and if you are in a big group no worries, they can accommodate your group. All tours include an e-bike, helmet, water, knowledgeable tour guide and tech support. Want to guide yourself? At Easybici you can rent an electric  bike and go about your merry way.

Easybici has been touted for being a sustainable tourism business. Sustainable Tourism is a dedication to having responsible tours that are not only fair to the environment, but to the indigenous people of the area. Sustainable tourism would ensure that tourism resources are safe for more people to enjoy. The team at Easybici stands by this, and are committed to making Santiago the best possible place it can be. Here at TrekkSoft we commend them for their efforts and proud to be working with them!

Next we move to Croatia to visit Sugaman Tours. Sugaman Tours is located in Dalmatia, one of the four historical regions of Croatia. They are passionate about showing of all the hidden corners of Dalmatia. Dalmatia is a sight to behold, the region provides breathtaking views that you can't get anywhere else in the world. This is what drives the team at Sugaman tours, they believe everyone should experience the beauty of Dalmatia. They have composed a team of experienced admin, local skippers, and tour guides to make sure they achieve this vision of showcasing Dalmatia. Guests are in for an adventure when they book one of their speedboat excursions.

They are mostly known for their signature tours, the Blue Cave & Hvar and the Blue Lagoon Tour. The Blue Cave & Hvar Tour takes guests to the Blue Cave on  Biševo Island, “Take a dip in the emerald waters sugamaninside Green Cave and float in Stiniva Cove, taking in the towering cliffs that encircle you. Strap on your diving mask and explore a thriving underwater world by Budikovac Island before nibbling on local specialities in Palmižana Bay.” The Blue Lagoon Tour is an ideal trip for snorkeling, travel to the crystal clear waters between the Krknjaši islands, and enjoy your day in the blue waters. They have these tours and a wide array of boat and water excursions.

Sugaman Tours has a neatly organized website that properly displays all of their offerings. The site is very inviting to guests. The tours description is there for all to see. To complete their online sales package, Sugaman Tours integrated TrekkSoft’s booking system. Now they have a white-label solution that keeps guest safe and secure through the whole booking process. Next time you are in Croatia, go to Dalmatia and have the Sugaman team show you around.

We cap off our companies of the week with Diving Planet. Diving Planet is PADI 5 Star Dive center located in the Rosario Islands Cartagena, Colombia. Run by Andrés Obregón Diving Planet is a green star award winning dive center taking guests to all the wonders of the beautiful country. The team also won the 2015 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. All these accolades reaffirms why Diving Planet is the paradigm diving company. They have a team of PADI and IAHD Instructors and Divemasters, and a staff including experienced boat captains and ecological guides from the island. Guests are in good hands when they book a dive with Diving Planet.

They have dives for all levels of experience, from basic diving courses to advanced diving courses. Beginner courses include a classroom aspect to fully prepare divers for the task at hand. Guests get adpdigital lesson, an in classroom lesson and practice in a practice pool. All being taught by experienced guides. Advanced courses are provided for those who have dived before, or divemaster lessons and rescue mission lessons. There is so much to do and learn at Diving Planet.  

Diving Planet is also renowned in the country for their efforts  for the community. They provide more than 200 people with disabilities with low-incomes to have a unique experience in a world of ZERO GRAVITY, where they can "fly" and discover that their potential is infinite. They have also developed research activities to protect coral reefs. With activities like,  Creation of the National Day of coral reefs, lionfish control, planting buoys to prevent anchor, reproduction of corals, underwater cleaning, etc. With the assistance of TrekkSoft, Diving Planet continues to do the good work while enjoying beautiful dives!

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