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Posted by Nelson Oduro on Mar 10, 2015

This week's companies of the week takes us to Paris with CultureFish! Tours, a company that believes in appreciating one another's culture. We end up learing Spanish and horseback riding in Ecuador with Amazonas Education & Travel and  La Escondida Farm.

Culturefish! Tours

culturefishlogoFor our first feature company we are in the city of love, Paris, France. There is so much to do in Paris that it can get overwhelming, and thats is why Culturefish! Tours was born. Culturefish! Tours offer free walking tours through Paris, passing through the center of the city, through the outskirts of town. Culturefish! Tours are proud members of Free Walking Tours By Locals, an independent network of locally-run free walking tours operating throughout Europe and offering the very best tours in terms of quality, authenticity, and entertainment.  Their main goal is to promote an understanding between cultures from around the world. Tour guides are well versed in Parisian culture. They tell amusing stories that are infused with fun facts about the culture.

Culturefish! Tours was started by three siblings who wanted to add a little more spunk into guided tours, and stray away from the often mundane practice of walking from landmark to landmark. Joey, Pierre and culturefishJulie study reasons why some cultures don't get along with others, and try to diffuse that through their tours.  “Our goal is to inspire travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture by beginning to understand it so they can have a fully enriching experience and appreciate their time to the fullest.” Lessons learned from their tours are expected to stay with guests for the rest of their lives.

The two main tours that they offer are the “Must Do Tour” and the “Montmarte”. The  “Must Do Tour” takes place in the center of Paris, where guests can an introduction the local’s way of life. A great way to learn Parisian culture is from the locals themselves. The “Montmarte” tour is walk through of the Bohemian village of of Paris’ golden age.  These tours are free, and guests can pay what they want after the tour. There is an option for private tours if that is what the guest prefers.


Amazonas Education & Travel

amazonaslogoOur second company of the week is Amazonas Education & Travel.  Amazonas Education & Travel is an umbrella company that offers Spanish classes and tours in the beautiful country of Ecuador. Not only do they have packages that span the entire mainland, but they also offer tours in the Galapagos Islands, and neighboring countries like Peru and Bolivia. They have been recognized by The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador for their exemplary efforts to promote tourism in the country. Carefully crafted tours is what they use to immerse guests into the Spanish language. At their core  Amazonas Education & Travel is a Spanish School. The best and quickest way to teach people to speak Spanish is their goal.

Tours take place in Quito, the jungle, the coast of Ecuador, and on the Galapagos Island. Students take Spanish lessons in the mornings and cultural activities/excursions in the afternoons in Quito, the Jungle donkeyand the Coast. Tours range from all different time frames, depending on how long guests want to stay. The  Dynamic General Spanish Program is carefully structured to develop effective communication skills in a variety of everyday situations and grammar constructions. After a trip with them guests come out speaking Spanish just like a native.

La Escondida Farm

escondidalogoWe stay in Ecuador for our last feature company. La Escondida Farm is a horseback ranch. Guests can take part in a variety of activities. Guests can horseback ride, mountain bike or hike. La Escondida Farm is run by Fernando Herrero, he has been leading groups for more than 20 years in Ecuador in South America. With a degree in Natural History from Ohio State University, Fernando is equipped to give nature tours. He is a river guide, and has been leading  birdwatching and natural history  tours in Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. Fernando can educate guests in  flora, fauna and culture of the Andes, Cloud forest. But horse riding is Fernando’s passion, and that is what he wants to share with his guests.

La Escondida’s horseback riding tours are multi-day trips covering routes that pack wonderful views and unique experiences of the environment. Fernando will tell you about all the animals, plants, history and condidaculture you encounter along the way.  One such tour is the South Andes 8 days 7 nights tour. Guest will lodge in historic neighborhoods , before they embark on their journey. The landscape changes with each day. One day you are in the city, the next riding horses in the mountains, and the next day by a river valley. An horseback riding adventure with La Escondida is a once in a lifetime experience.

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