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Published by Nelson Oduro | Jan 17, 2015 | | 3 MIN READ

Companies of the week: Preserving the LGBT community in Lisbon

Everytime I sit down to do a feature, or introduce companies using the TrekkSoft platform, I must admit I get a little bit jealous.

This time is no different, the weather has been frigid in New York all week and scouring through these websites, and beautiful pictures as me longing for better weather. This week's feature companies brings us to Northern Greece with North Star Enduro Touring, Hawaii with Maui Fishpond, and Lisbon with Lisbon Beach.

North Star Enduro Touring

endurologoFor the first feature company of the week, we take a trip to Kavala, Greece, to get acquainted with the folks at North Star Enduro Touring. Enduro is a form of motorcycle sport that consists of many obstacles and challenges, mainly run on off-road courses. North Star is the first Greek Enduro Touring Company. This is possible because of their location in Northern Greece. Kavalva is less than an hour away from from a lot of the adventurous, natural trails Greece has to offer. North Star Enduro is owned and operated by Thanasis Papathanasiou, a motorcycle lover, who has been riding and traveling for more than 20 years. Thanasis fits every characteristic of what an adventure person should be, but he is also a PhD degree holder in marketing. The ever savvy businessman, he spends most of his time now searching for the best trails in Greece and the Balkans to make North Star adventure packages.


North Star Enduro has tour packages that range from one day, all the way to six day packages. The team at Enduro recommends that you stay more than a day though, because there is entirely too much to see and do that you can't fit it all in one day. “The scenery around is thick forests with sea view, long trails or mountain roads, old Greek villages and rocky valleys, rivers, stone bridges and many many more. In this event we will often meet other riders on the mountains, we will make frequent stops for water and lunch and we will have the chance to take a look at some city monuments like the aqueduct, the castle of Kavala, the neighborhood of Panagia and many more.” The trails are tailored according to the riders experience. So beginners to world class riders can all have fun at North Star.

Individual tours come with three levels of pricing. Guests can choose a Full Pack, which includes everything from fuel, all three meals and a group discount. Guests can also go to the next level Economy Pack or bring their own bike and the price drops even more. They are able to manage this with TrekkSoft’s booking system. They are able to have different prices for the same activity. Everything is neatly organized and the booking process is a breeze to get through, can't say the same for the obstacle courses.


Maui Fishpond

fishpond-logo-full-colorNow we head to Hawaii for our second feature company of the week. Maui Fishpond is a water activities company specializing in canoeing located on the second biggest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. A fishpond is a controlled pond, artificial lake, or a reservoir. Fishponds are found throughout the Hawaiian islands, some are privately owned others are not. Ko`ie`ie is open to the public and one of the most accessible, it is also the one that the Folks at Maui Fishpond operates out of. Operating out of a delicate environment calls for a  careful approach.

They have a non-profit dedicated to revitalizing the  Ko`ie`ie Fishpond for educational, archaeological, cultural and recreational purposes.They have joined with the community to make sure the historical and cultural qualities of this landmark is brought to life. Ko`ie`ie Fishpond was built more than 400 years ago and in more modern times has been forgotten about.

They are trying to breath new life into the pond, and tours are organized with this in mind. “You will be introduced to the Hawaiian culture as you glide by the walls of the fishpond and explore the marine environment filled with corals, turtles and humpback whales (during the season) in the far distance. You will also learn about our Hawaiian language as you listen to traditional Hawaiian chants recited by your tour guide.”educational

They have educational workshops for the community to learn about the wonders and the marine life of the fishpond.  They are also staunch advocates of volunteering and do it themselves. Their main goal is the preservation of the Ko`ie`ie Fishpond.

Lisbon Beach

lisbonbeachRounding up this weeks featured companies is Lisbon Beach. Lisbon Tours is a tour and activities company with a focus on the LGBT environment in Lisbon. They organize walking tours, trips to Lisbon’s gay beaches, Customized itineraries showing all the wonders that Lisbon has to offer, and guides to all the activities that are happening in Lisbon. Run by Rui and Bruno, they guarantee to expose you to all the LGBT extravaganzas going on in Lisbon. They are with their guests planning the activity from conception to completion.2002094_orig-1

They have become pretty popular with their beach tours, but they have walking tours that show all the unique spots of Lisbon.  Their tours combine a LGBT open environment with the  expertise and friendliness of  their gay guides, and plenty of stops to to just chat and take in a drink. Places visited and things talked about include, the statue of King José I in the centre of Praça do Comércio, The revolution of 1974 and the end of the "New State": Largo do Carmo.

They have trips to all of the gay beaches in the area, and they provide guests with the dos and don'ts of all the places so you won't be stand out as a tourists. Most are nude beaches. Lisbon by Night Tour take guests to all of the hotspots that Lisbon has to offer the LGBT community with sometimes the guide joining in the fun. They also have plan customized itineraries for those just wanting to have a good time and are going to be in Lisbon for some time. Go explore the LGBT scene with Lisbon Beach.


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