Companies of the week: Private Tours Egypt Excursion, Jet Stream Flyboarding, Cabalgatas Valiceras

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Nov 8, 2014

We are in the second week of November and its starting to get a little chilly in New York. All of us in the TrekkSoft office are longing for the summer weather, which was the inspiration behind this weeks feature companies. We welcome three companies offering some nice warm weather activities.

Private Tours Egypt Excursion

egyptexcursionThis weeks first feature company is Excursions- Egypt. Excursions- Egypt’s main office is in the capital city of Cairo, but they offer tours all over the Country, from Luxor, Alexandria to Hurghada and sharm el sheikh. Licensed by the ministry of tourism and members of the Egyptian General Tour Guides Syndicate, Excursions- Egypt is a formidable force in the tourism scene in Egypt. Their mission and philosophy revolves around their customers, they want to provide high quality services that will satisfy the customers.

Their services include organizing Private Day Tours, Sightseeing tours, Shore Excursions, Tailor made packages and honeymoon holidays, Desert Safari, as well as red sea excursions and water sports. Day tours include a city tour where guests can go from Alexandria to Cairo taking in all of the sights the two historic cities have to offer. Guests will visit the Roman amphitheatre 1461208_670659519621839_55542218_nand the open air museum for sunken monuments, also the Palaces of king Farouk who was the last king in history of Egypt. But what is a clear guest favorite and one of the wonders of the world is the Cairo Pyramids. They offer an half day tour where guests get to visit ancient tombs and learn the history, with the Sphinx being a major highlight of the tour.

Excursions- Egypt understands all of the perils of doing international business, so they have entrusted all of their online bookings to TrekkSoft. All online bookings are managed by TrekkSoft to emphasize a secure booking process. Excursions- Egypt also uses TrekkSoft’s intuitive Content Management System to offer their tours online. A clean website that gives guest an easy way to find tours and book safely. Visit their website and plan your next family vacation right now!

Jet Stream Flyboarding

jetstreamFor our next feature company we venture off into the states, to the Sunshine state of Florida, for Jet Stream Flyboarding. Jet Stream was founded last year by former Air Force Officer, Ben White who has a thrill for flying and wanted to share with others. Ben feels like flying a flyboard is the closest we can get to owning a jet pack. So what is Flyboarding you ask? Flyboarding is a new watersport invented in 2011 by jet ski racer Frank Zapata in 2011. The flyboard allows you to ride the thrust of the jet ski into the air. Check out this video to see what flyboarding is like. 

An expert instructor will teach you how to stabilize in the air and turn left and right. The instructor will give you only as much thrust as you can handle and will coach you along the way. Guests have the opportunity to this by themselves or book a group outing, where you and your friends will take turns flyboarding. Each session is 30 minutes long so you have ample time to thoroughly learn the new sport. Jet Stream Flyboarding are in 4 different locations to make it more convenient for their guests. So you have no excuse next time you are in New Smyrna Beach area go learn how to flyboard with Jet Stream Flyboarding.

Cabalgatas Valiceras

24082_100483233329308_5101590_nFrom flyboarding to horse riding. We cap off this week’s feature companies with Cabalgatas Valiceras, a horse riding company in Uruguay. Started in 2004 Cabalgatas Valiceras, is dedicated to sustainable tourism making sure each trail ride adheres to the best practices to uphold these values. off the coast of Rocha Cabalgatas Valiceras is a team of young people trying to blend the equestrian culture with the beach atmosphere in Rocha. So they aim to make sure each ride is an unforgettable and safe experience for the guests. Guests are their main priority as well as the horses they use for these trips. Horses are carefully looked after and specifically picked for each rider.

You don't need to be a professional rider for these adventures, Cabalgatas Valiceras provides all the necessary tools from excellent saddles, dedicated bilingual guides and the best horses, carefully selected for each type of rider, there are horses for every level. The landscape offers historic trails, quicksands and an opportunity to view marine life including whales, dolphins, and seals.

Many trails to choose from, my personal favorite is the Full Moon Trail Ride. Guests set of before sunset through the village of Barra de Valizas, ride to the lagoon to take a dip in the beautiful waters while the sun sets. All of this fun while respecting the natural environment, especially areas that are part of the National System of Protected Areas, its no wonder why Cabalgatas Valiceras is regarded as one of the best tours and activity company in all of


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