Featured companies of the week: Viajes Alalea, PR4Less, UnderToe SUP Mexico

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Oct 18, 2014

This week we introduce three new companies joining TrekkSoft. We learn about Viajes Alalea and their Costa Rican excursions. Next is PR4Less Tours and Adventures providing quality tours in Puerto Rico, we cap it off with doing Yoga SUP with UnderToe SUP Mexico.

Viajes Alalea

viajeslogoCosta Rica is a popular place for TrekkSoft. With more than ten tour operators using the TrekkSoft platform. One of the newest additions to the Costa Rican TrekkSoft family is Viajes Alalea. Viajes Alalea is located in San Jose. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and the largest city. The beautiful city is a microcosm of what the rest of the country has to offer. So much to do that travelers can get confused planning a trip. Often they can be misguided if they make decisions based on price alone, enter Viajes Alalea. Israel, the director of Viajes Alalea, recognized the need for a company with experience in the internet age and tourism industry.

My personal favorite is the whale watching tour.

Israel and his team decided to start an agency that would serve as a full travel agency for all the travelers. Now guests don't have to deal with these bargaining sites when they are coming to Costa Rica. Viajes Alalea offers a full fleet of tours to make guests feel comfortable. Tours range from visiting the Panamanian border to just relaxing at a hot springs resorts. My personal favorite is the Dolphin and whale watching tour. Highlights feature a visit to the Marino Ballena National Park, two bird sanctuaries, visit the caves, and there is still some time left over for swimming.

Staying true to their premise of wanting a website that is intuitive for travelers so they don't get confused Viajes Alalea entrusted TrekkSoft with its Content Management System. Now they have an easy to use system with their activities displayed. Guests are not misguided, and know exactly what they are about to get into.

PR4LESS Tours Adventure

pr4lesslogoPR4Less Tours Adventures offers tours in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is a family operated business head by Rafael. Rafael used to work in Windham Condado Plaza Hotel and Casino as concierge, then moved to work as front desk clerk in the Caribe Hilton Hotel, It was at these jobs that he noticed the need to offer something different to hotel guests. A lot of the trips are all inclusive and managed by the hotels. Rafael and his family wanted to provide something fair guests. They are a small company but big in services, as they like to put it. And staying true to their name Puerto Rico 4 less, they offer the best packages for the fairest price on the market. It is all about providing luxury services for the guest at economical prices.

They started out with horseback riding, which became recognized and awarded by TripAdvisor. But Rafael and his family wanted to expand their services. They wanted to offer all day tours, and with the help of TrekkSoft that is exactly what they did. They offer a full day rainforest tour and lounging at the beach. They have a Perfect Getaway trip, they pick you and travel through the oceanfront of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Not only you will enjoy a perfect view but also learn more about their history, culture and much more. There will be many attractions to take pictures and to enjoy the scenery. They are the only company to have a security person follow you around everywhere, so guests always feel secure. It is truly a great company.pr4less

UnderToe SUP Mexico

undertoeRounding up our feature companies we have UnderToe SUP Mexico. Located in Costa Maya, Mexio UnderToe SUP Mexico is introducing guest to one of the fastest growing water activities in the world. What is Stand Up Paddle, one might ask, well Carolyn who runs UnderToe SUP Mexico explains its as “Imagine the feel of gliding serenely across aquamarine Caribbean waters over a school of brilliantly colored tropical fish and ancient coral reefs. It is almost like "walking on water"! Carolyn gives all of her guest personal instructions, so they can get the hand of the newcarolyn popular activity.

She offers different lesson packages, and also board rentals. UnderToe SUP Mexico even has a SUP Yoga Excursion. Guests will have a yoga lesson with a certified yoga teacher out on the water, using their boards as yoga mats. Being on waters gives a different experience than being in a studio and the tranquil waters enhances the meditative vibe of the whole experience. And if that doesn't sell it for you, after yoga guests get Stand Up Paddle around the beautiful Costa Maya.



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