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Published by Nicole Kow | Apr 7, 2016 | | 2 MIN READ

A short and sweet content guide for yachting and sailing companies

If you run a blog for your tour or activity company, share articles on social media and engage with customers through regular newsletters, that's a great start. But to set yourself apart from your competition and establish credibility with your audience, you need to produce high quality content.

Here's our guide to help yachting and sailing companies produce excellent content and get more bookings for the upcoming season.

1. Understand your customers and create content with them in mind

Creating content is good, but creating relevant content is better. Relevant content helps customers differentiate you from the millions of other boating companies they might come across. 

To be relevant means to be useful, but to be useful requires a deeper understanding of the people you're targeting and the questions they might have. This is where creating customer personas can help you to figure out who to write for and what to write about. 

As based on our previous article on creating customer personas, I've come up with three personas sailing companies are likely to meet:


Luxury travellers 

As a quickly growing customer segment, today's luxury travellers want a bespoke yet authentic experience. Think private beaches, exclusive access and even an on-board chef. High quality service is also a priority, and these travellers are looking for a seamless experience. If they're paying, they won't be hesitant to demand this. 

Could you highlight the exclusivity of the indulgent experiences you offer, your friendly yet professional crew members, and the top-quality amenities on-board your vessel?


Family and fun

Research has shown that multi-generational holidays are on the rise and Baby Boomers are the ones footing the bill. They're looking for ways to spend time with their families and would also like to learn a thing or two while on vacation

Make sure to focus your marketing on social activities and fun experiences that the family can do together, but remember to also promote separate on-board spaces where adults can unwind and relax as well. 


Relaxed exploration

Speaking of unwinding, there are travellers who are also looking for a getaway to unplug and relax. They want to be pampered while on holiday and prefer to take things slowly. You can take it a step further by including indulgent options such as spa packages, food and wine tours and wellness classes (think yoga and meditation sessions).

Appeal to this group of travellers by emphasising the relaxing properties that Mother Nature has to offer. You could also add how boarding your vessel will leave them renewed and refreshed.


2. Make your content appealing

Having great content is useless if no one wants to read it. This is why it's important to prioritise how your content is presented. Think about the layout of your webpage, blog or newsletter and answer these questions:

  • Do you have headers in your content?

  • Is you content "scannable"? Can readers quickly pick out the important sections to focus on?

  • Are you waffling? Can your paragraphs be shortened?  

  • Should you include visuals like images or infographics to make your message clearer? 


It's a good rule of thumb to include headers and visuals in your longer blog posts to break up the text and guide your readers along.


3. Make it shareable 

Think about where your audiences are likely to spend time online and experiment with content that can be easily shared on those platforms. To awaken the wanderlust in your audience, you should include great images from your sailing trips and the activities that customers can enjoy, as well as videos that showcase your destination. 

Remember that your goal is to reach your target audience, convince them that a sailing holiday is what they need, and emphasise that your company is the one they should experience it with.

To get you started, here are some ideas for your next social media post, blog post or newsletter:

  • 9 reasons why your next summer vacation should be spent on a yacht
  • Yacht rental tips: How to select the ideal vessel for you and your family
  • A picture a day: This is what it's like to sail through the (your destination) with us 
  • 10 tips to plan the ultimate yacht trip 
  • Destination guide: Sailing in (insert your destination here)


Do you have any other tips on how yachting companies can create better content?


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