How TrekkSoft helped Scotti of Costa Canyoning grow their business

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Sep 17, 2014

Scotti Trinler of Costa Canyoning recounts the story of his first encounter with TrekkSoft. Scotti touches base on his business model prior to TrekkSoft and after TrekkSoft. On December 2013 he was involved in a near death motorcycle accident, and recaps how the booking software help guide his business through tough times.

At TrekkSoft we love to travel abroad to meet and talk with tour and activity providers. Having been birthed from activity providers ourselves, it gives us great joy to meet other companies and exchange ideas.

In October 2013 our VP of Sales Rob Lederer, traveled to Costa Rica for this exact purpose. Scotti Trinler of Costa Canyoning was one of the operators that Rob met, “I agreed to meet with Rob after looking up the company, what stood out to me was the fact that they were based out of Switzerland, I worked as an international adventure guide in Switzerland for 9 seasons before opening up my Own Canyoning company in Costa Rica.”

“I felt a good energy right away from Rob, I already knew about the super successful companies they work with, but he was able to answer every question confidently and knowledgeably.” Scotti listened attentively while Rob highlighted all the TrekkSoft features, and the possibilities they can do for Costa Canyoning. 


Costa Canyoning team picture in SW Pacific zone of Costa Rica

Prior to TrekkSoft Scotti was not taking bookings and payments on his website, “everything was done with email, I would have to go back and forth with customers 3-7 times, just to secure a booking, then they would pay through Paypal. In Costa Rica Paypal is not the smoothest way to get paid.” As Costa Canyoning grew Scotti spent most of his time emailing clients instead of actually guiding them on the Canyons. It became apparent that something needed to be done.

Scotti became glued to his office because of administrative duties. It was a good thing that he was receiving more inquiries, but being in the office prevented him from doing what he loved. Scotti was not able to lead as many tours as he wished. More bookings also meant more changes to the website, something out of his control.

“I chose TrekkSoft because not only did they offer a booking system, but they offered to redo my website. My old website was set up by a friend of mine whom I had to call every time I needed something changed.”

Using TrekkSoft's intuitive Content Management System, Scotti was able to create his own website, upload his tours, and start selling online in no time“I loved the idea that I was going to be in charge of my own website, there was a couple of speedbumps in the beginning, but the crew was super helpful and we were able to get over them as a team.”

Within two weeks of their first meeting the new Costa Canyoning website was up and running and Scotti was taking direct online bookings. Now Scotti can make all the changes to his website himself, no need to call his friend. All content and and photos can be edited right away. If there is a ever a problem there is a support number he can call during regular business hours and a support email he can email anytime. The easy to use site and booking system proved its worth when tragedy struck.


Scotti Trinler after near death motorcycle accident

Scotti was involved in a near death motorcycle accident on his way to work on December 5, 2013. “I went from being the head guide of my own company that I created seven years ago, to being an above knee amputee not able to guide my own tour.” December and January are the busiest months of the year long season. With Scotti not being able to run the company, the future of Costa Canyoning was in jeopardy.

TrekkSoft allowed Scotti to run his operation from his hospital bed. “With my computer and iPhone I was able to run my company, if it were not for me teaming up with TrekkSoft, I truly feel like my company would not be operational during my physical time away.”


Scotti and the Costa Canyoning team

Scotti is still on the road to recovery, but improves everyday just like Costa Canyoning. With the recently launched TrekkSoft App, Scotti can make changes on the go without being near a computer, “The App is great for someone like me who uses their Iphone like an office.” With the constant updates and improvements to the system, and emails on how to increase business financial flow Scotti can stay abreast as to what's going on in the tourism industry as well as business as a whole.

“My business has definitely improved since I signed up with TrekkSoft, I have been with them for over a year now, and happy to be a part of the team! Thanks TrekkSoft and keep up the good work!!


Nelson Oduro

Written by Nelson Oduro

Nelson was part of TrekkSoft's marketing team in our New York Office for three years, paying particular attention to the growth of our digital marketing strategy.

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