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Published by Lucy Fuggle | Sep 28, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

6 creative long-term strategies to sell more fishing tours

Having a fishing tours or excursions business can be an ideal way to enjoy one of your favourite hobbies while providing you with a stream of revenue. If you have online booking and rental software, it's even easier to process and manage your business.

However, it's also important to set aside some time to think up creative strategies to market your tours. Here are 6 to get you inspired.


1. Define your unique selling point - what's different about your business?

Rather than worrying about your competitors, think about what sets you apart.

Perhaps your morning fishing tours have an unbeatable view from the boat, creating both a unique selling point and an opportunity for great photos to use in your marketing.

Maybe your boat has developed a character of its own since you bought it many years before. Tell this story on your website.

You might just have more experience, stories, and local knowlege than other fly fishing guides. Show your customers this.

Define what's different about you and your business. Make this the centre of your branding.



2. Tell the story behind your fishing business

The business with the best story will be the one to stand out. Let your customers in on some secrets about how your business started, what got you into deep sea fishing, or how your business journey has been so far.

By telling a story, customers will be more likely to choose you over your competitors. After all, your customers are looking for an authentic experience they can remember and share. Our writing handbook can help you to achieve this:

TrekkSoft Writing Handbook

3. Build a collection of great reviews on TripAdvisor

As a tour provider, your TripAdvisor page is one of the most important faces of your business. Focus on providing consistently great experiences for your customers, and then direct them to your TripAdvisor page after the fishing tour. We've compiled advice on improving your TripAdvisor ranking here.


4. Let customers know they can find you on social media

It's also worth letting your customers know that you're active on social media. Display social media links on your website, and perhaps include them in a specific follow-up email. You might even hand your customers a business card with your social media handles, alongside a TripAdvisor logo to remind them to leave a review. 

Above all, make sure you're actually active on the networks that you promote to your customers. To get your strategy started, we've created this social media how-to article.

Download our ebook: The Social Media Handbook for Tour and Activity Providers


5. Give customers branded freebies to take away with them

One way to turn happy customers into brand ambassadors is to give them freebies after your fishing tour. Think stickers, bottle openers, or pens. As we discussed in our article on add-ons to increase the value of your tours, your tours are just one of many services you provide.


6. Create discount codes for group, repeat, or advance bookings

Perhaps you want to promote group bookings for your fishing tours, or maybe you want exisiting customers to return. Alternatively, you might even want more advance bookings to set you up for the season.


For each of these scenarios, discount and voucher codes can work in your favour. If you have an online booking system powered by TrekkSoft, these are easy to set-up and integrate with your website.

You could even integrate a voucher code with AdWords campaign copy if you're delving into paid search. For getting started with this, our free Google AdWords ebook should come in handy.

Which creative strategies do you use to get more fishing tour bookings?


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Lucy Fuggle
Published by Lucy Fuggle
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