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Published by Nelson Oduro | Jan 26, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

Custom Field Function helps Diving Planet Prepare for Dive Expeditions

Diving Planet uses TrekkSoft’s Custom Fields function to gather critical information from guests to prepare for dive trips.

The team at Diving Planet realized that when guests would show up for dive trips, Diving Planet would not have all the proper information needed to provide a top quality dive experience for them. Many dive trips were delayed as guests filled in  the necessary information and went through a safety briefing.Diving Planet needed a way to get the information quicker so more time could be spent under the water.

Diving Planet is PADI 5 Star Dive center located in the Rosario Islands Cartagena, Colombia. Winner of the divingplanet2014 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, Diving Planet employs PADI and IAHD Dive Masters, experienced boat captains, and ecological guides from the islands. They offer fun dives, multi-day dives, and dive course.

Andres is in charge of organizing all of Diving Planet’s dive expeditions. He needs to know how many guests are coming, how many dives they plan to make on their trip, each guest’s skill level, and answers to a whole host of other questions. While collecting information about guests is customary in any business to make sure your business runs smoothly, and the guests have the best possible experience with you, it is imperative that you do this with dive expeditions because of all the safety concerns.

Prior to adopting TrekkSoft’s booking management system,  Andres would spend countless hours on the phone talking to clients trying to procure all the information he needed. It was overwhelming his other administrative duties. A lot of information was lost in the back and forth with the client which led to organizational issues. Trips were delayed while Diving Planet collected last bits of information from guests and gave their guests information vital to their safety and diving pleasure.

dpanimalDiving Planet needed a system that would streamline the process of information exchange, and Andres' time needed to be freed up so they could give attention to other aspects of the company. TrekkSoft’s booking management system paved the way for this to be possible. TrekkSoft’s Custom Fields function allows them to collect all the unique information. They can collect any information they require from guests with this function, and all the information will show up on the passenger list, neatly organized, and can be printed and brought to the dive site. The team at Diving Planet will show up with everything they need to know from “gender, height, weight, to skill level.

There are five different custom field categories: Activity,User, Guest, Hotel, and Basket. Companies can choose which category they want to add information to, or which category they want to request more information about. For example, they can click the “Hotel” category and require guests to enter what hotel they are staying at. Diving Planet uses the “Guest” category to get specific information they need from the client when they are booking a trip.  Diving Planet’s phone bill as dropped. All the information they need and the information they desire to give to the client is exchanged during the booking process. Diving trips are now going out on schedule. When guests show up, Andres knows what to expect as well as the guests so the tours begins right away.

Diving Planet also uses the information that they collect to build profiles of their diving clientele. This helps them define a target market, and plan their marketing campaigns. They know exactly whom to target and how to pitch them.

Diving Planet has improved their business practices and become more efficient with TrekkSoft. The Custom Field feature has given them a tool to be better organized and improved their marketing practices.
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Nelson Oduro
Published by Nelson Oduro
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