Companies of the Week: Galápagos Apartments, Happy Hooker Charters, Back of Beyond Adventures

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Dec 20, 2014

This week TrekkSoft is excited to bring you three new companies who have joined the family in our companies of the week. We feature Galápagos Apartments in Ecuador, Happy Hook Charters in Minnesota, and Back of Beyond Adventures in London.

Galápagos Apartments

Our first feature company takes us to the beautiful country of Ecuador, more specifically the archipelago of The Galápagos Islands The Galápagos Islands is a province of the Ecuador 620 miles from the mainland. The Galápagos Islands became famous serving as the influence for Charles Darwin’s Natural Selection theory. The Island is also popular for its endemic species population. You can see animals and plants on the island that you won't see anywhere. The delicate eco-system has prompted the Ecuadorian government to make tourism to the islands slightly strict. Guests interested in visiting the islands need a tour operator who knows their way around all 18 main islands, and has places for them to stay. Tour operators like Galápagos Apartments.

Galápagos Apartments stems from the need to offer passengers a first-rate accommodation in Isla San Cristobal, Galapagos. Their goal is to stay true to the islands environmental responsibility, while running a first rate hotel and providing activities to do. Guest have the opportunity to book multi day catamaran tours, that take them from island to island stopping to enjoy the landscape or go surfing. Take trips to the national parks to go see all the endemic species, such as sea lions, and large lizards. All these activities can be arranged while staying at their hotel in San Cristobal. They can plan your vacation from day 1, till the day you leave.


Galápagos Apartments uses TrekkSoft to offer their catamaran tours. For companies who offer accommodation and activities, it can be difficult to organize everything. TrekkSoft’s intuitive booking software allows them to list all of their catamaran tours and offer them on the website. With the newly released resource manager the crew at Galápagos Apartments does not have to worry about overbooking. The tours will close one there is no more room on the catamaran and when all the catamarans run out. That was a major issue with their booking process before taking care of.

Happy Hooker Charters

From Ecuador, we go fishing on Lake Superior with Happy Hooker Charters. Join the father and son team Peter and Dave Dahl as they fish in the Duluth/Superior region in pristine Minnesota Waters. The duo have been fishing in the same region for more than 30 years. Gaining knowledge and experience, and knowing all the exact areas to go and fish. All the fish practically know them by name now. They operate two fishing boats, the “Hooker Too” and the “Treble Hook.” Here is a video of whats the duo talking about what its like to fish on Lake Superior. 

Duluth is near the mouth of the St. Louis River. Though the fishing slows down a bit around winter time, the rest of the year provides plenty of fish to make for an healthy fishing season. There are great charter fishing opportunities for species like lake trout, coho salmon,, chinook salmon, walleye, and muskies, all of which can reach trophy size. The father and son duo obviously enjoy what they do, and are eager to share it everyone. Happy Hooker charters is definitely a great family oriented company to book a fishing charter with.

Back of Beyond Adventures

Lets keep the water adventures going as we move across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom. Our last featured company of the week is Back of Beyond Adventures in London. A water sports activity company that specializing in canoeing paddle boarding and kayaking. Started in 2005, that have built a cult following and rightfully so with a team full of “adventurers and explorers who love to just jump into rivers or choose to travel a bit closer to home to find those ‘wild’ places.” Their aim is to create micro-adventures and give their guests an opportunity to slow things down for a while from their busy lives. They work with great organizations that assist with charity events. The team is always looking for other organizations to work with and more adventurers to join the team.

Their adventures include kayaking, canoeing , paddle boarding and they just included the newest sensation SUP. They do SUP yoga, which stands for stand up paddle yoga. Yoga andkayak water enthusiasts can practice yoga while on a 12 foot long board in serene waters. It is a fun practice with some great health benefits. You can also go canoeing or kayaking on the world famous Thames River, circling the Eel Pie Island. If the tour ends early finish the day hanging out at a local pub with your group and the instructor. Not keen on the pub, you can choose the picnic canoe trip. After canoeing you will enjoy an intimate picnic right by the riverside. Anyone trying to unwind in London give the team at Back of Beyond Adventures a call.


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