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Published by Lucy Fuggle | Nov 12, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

How tour operators in Denmark can make the most of inbound tourism from neighbouring countries

Denmark is renowned world-over for its Viking villages, heaped portions of smørrebrød, clean air, and great design. Who wouldn't want to visit the happiest place on earth?

In fact, the majority of Denmark's inbound tourism comes from neighbouring countries. This is especially the case with Germany, but also Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands.

Here's how tour operators and activity providers in Denmark can take advantage of this market to increase bookings and revenue.



1. Provide financial incentives to book your tour or activity, such as discounts and voucher codes

Voucher codes can be a great way to incentivise tourists to book your tour or activity, especially if they are already researching things to do in the area. You could also offer certain discounts, such as for group bookings or reservations made within a certain time period.

By using online booking software such as TrekkSoft, creating and sharing discount codes becomes much easier. After pressing the "book now" button on your website, customers can simply input their voucher code and receive the discount. 


2. Create a targeted advertising campaign with AdWords, Facebook, or Twitter

One way for Danish tour operators to reach target customers in neighbouring countries is to use a targeted advertising campaign. With Google AdWords, you can create tailored ads promoting your tours and activities before choosing the precise locations of people who you'd like to see them.

You can also achieve similar results through targeted Facebook or Twitter advertising. This could also be an effective way to share your voucher codes, as mentioned in tip one!

3. Translate your website and booking engine into target languages

To attract people to your tours from Germany, Sweden, Norway, or the Netherlands, it's worth considering what they will be searching for on Google when planning their trip. It's more than likely that they will be searching in their native language.

To access these potential clients, you could use a multilingual and multi-currency booking engine and also consider translating your website into common languages. By doing so, you'll be removing several common barriers to bookings.

Creating blog posts in German, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch can also increase the chances that tourists will find your website through organic search.

However, take note: if your tours are in Danish or another language, make sure that customers are aware of this before booking to ensure they will be able to understand. Although, as your business expands you may be able to hire multilingual guides!


4. Consider partnering with other tour operators and activity providers

TrekkSoft's Channel Manager and Partner Network features solve a common goal for tourism professionals: to distribute tours and activities on a wider network.

To hear how travel agents, travel companies, and other tour operators can sell your tours on their own websites and sales channels, you can request a TrekkSoft demo with our team in Switzlerland.

After all, the wider your distribution network, the greater your ability to reach tourists in neighbouring countries who are looking for a hassle-free trip to Denmark!


Want to see the impact that online booking software can have on your tour or activity company?

 Request a TrekkSoft demo

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Published by Lucy Fuggle
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