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Published by Nelson Oduro | Apr 2, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

Fishing company uses TrekkSoft to maintain company image

Fish on Cabo, a fishing company in the Caribbean switches from Peek to TrekkSoft to maintain direct communication with customers and keep thier company image.

Fish on Cabo is a hunting and fishing trip activity provider located in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.  Fish on Cabo is operated by Heleodoro Garcia Hernandez or as the locals call him ”Captain Yoyo”. Captain Yoyo has been fishing for 20 years, and knows all the techniques to catching the best fish like blue marlins, and tuna. Along with his trusted deckhand Jose Paniagua, who has captained other boats before joining Captain Yoyo, guest can rest assured that they are in good hands.



I'm in love with the sea and excited with the idea of... what's going to bite today?!

Booking a fishing trip can be tasking for the guest. A lot of details have to be sorted out before the boat leaves the harbor. Guests like to call in and discuss how many people are showing up, how much tackle and bait will be needed and other specifics of the trip, like fishing licenses. The discussion between the guests and Fish on Cabo can go on for a while. Once everything is sorted the clients proceed to the website to book and receive their confirmation email, and ticket. The inquires before the booking is essential to Fish on Cabo’s operation.

Captain Yoyo was using Peek as a booking system prior to switching to TrekkSoft. Peek emphasizes the marketplace more than the company. What that means is Peek sells individual tours on their marketplace. Guests are presented with Fish on Cabo’s tours, but have no idea the tours are from Fish on Cabo. Because of this guests had no way of contacting Captain Yoyo, and the rest of the team at Fish on Cabo to make the arrangements they were used to making. Some guests were deterred from booking Fish on Cabo’s trips.

Fish on Cabo’s inquiries dropped. The phones werent ringing as much as they used to. This meant that bookings were also down. Captain Yoyo needed to fix this problem. They wanted a booking system to manage all of their bookings, but also maintain all of their sales and brand image. Using the other booking system they realized that they had lost some brand identity. A change was needed.

Fish on Cabo switched to TrekkSoft. TrekkSoft provided a booking and payment solution that was perfect fishoncabofor their fishing trips. They were able to upload all of their offerings and  integrate the software on to their own website. Now guests come straight to their website to find them. The guests that are prepared to book can book directly, the ones that are still undecided can call and/or email all of their inquires before they are satisfied then they can also book directly on the site.  

TrekkSoft offers a white label solution. What this means is when the software is integrated on to the website, guests cannot tell that it is TrekkSoft. Guests will go through the whole booking process and never leave Fish on Cabo’s website. The guests feels secured through the whole process. Fish on Cabo can build brand image because everything is done on their site and their logo is emblazoned everywhere. Guests will always know what that they booked with Fish on Cabo!

After switching to TrekkSoft Fish on Cabo’s inquires returned to normal. They look forward to more bookings, improving the business, and spending more time on the waters fishing. Captain Yoyo and Jose wouldn't have it no other way.




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Nelson Oduro
Published by Nelson Oduro
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