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The real cost of low cost booking software

Let me tell you the story of TrekkSoft. Our company was founded in 2010 by 3 partners - Jon Fauver, an experienced rafting guide and co-owner of Outdoor Interlaken, Philippe Willi, co-owner of Outdoor Interlaken and Valentin Binnedijk, co-owner of an e-commerce and web design agency.

TrekkSoft was built in Interlaken, Switzerland at the request of tour and activity operators in the region who were desperate for a booking management tool that could help their businesses to connect together and grow. We like to say that TrekkSoft was built by tour operators for tour operators as they were instrumental to our product.

Since 2010, we've grown to have offices and staff around the world. We are constantly speaking to our customers, researching industry insights and innovating our product to keep our mission to 'Make the world's activities bookable'. We want to help companies grow as we grow and our pricing models reflect this.

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Published by Colm Hanratty | Jan 8, 2016 | | 2 MIN READ

A pretty awesome and simple guide to Twitter Analytics

While Facebook Insights have been available to page managers for well over five years now, Twitter Analytics (Twitter's analytical platform) has only been available since August 2014. Since then, brand managers and business owners all over the world have been keeping an eye on what works and what doesn't on Twitter.

If you’re using Twitter to market your tour and activity business and you’re wondering how many engagements your tweets are getting, or more importantly what an engagement is, here’s our quick guide to using Twitter Analytics.


Definitions of terms we'll be using: 

  • Impressions: The number of times your tweet has been seen
  • Engagements: The number of engagements (clicks) on a tweet
  • Engagement rate: The number of engagements divided by impressions
  • Replies: The number of times users have replied to the tweet
  • Likes: The number of times users have Liked (previously Favourite) your tweets
  • Retweets: The number of times tweets have been retweeted


To access Twitter Analytics, you can simply go to https://analytics.twitter.com and sign in with your Twitter account.

Analytics Home

The first thing you’ll see at the top of your analytics page is a summary of statistics from the last 28 days. This covers the number of tweets, the number of impressions your tweets got, the number of times your profile has been visited, the number of mentions you received and the number of followers you have. Beside this is a number that indicates how much of an increase or decrease this is on the previous 28 days.

Below this are your top performing tweets for that month. This includes your top tweet (in terms of impressions), your top mention (in terms of engagements), your top follower (in terms of their followers) and your top media tweet (in terms of impressions).




Of all the different sections within Twitter Analytics, this part is by far the most valuable. Here you can see what your engagement rate, a breakdown of your tweets and their corresponding impressions, engagements and engagement rate. You can sort your tweets by top tweet and see what tweets are performing the best.

Here you can also export your data to get an even better breakdown of tweets to see the number of times your tweets have been expanded, the number of url clicks they get and more.



Audiences is a section that’s actually broken up into four subsections, some of which are useful, some of which aren’t. They are:

  • Overview
  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Mobile footprint


This gives a snapshot of what you can discover in the following four sections.


Wondering how many of your followers are male and how many are female? Or what language they speak? Or maybe you want to know what country they’re in? This page will show you all this and more.


On this page you’ll see what your followers’ interests are, but after that a lot of the info is US-specific.

Consumer behaviour

This page is almost exclusively down to US data, but if are from the US, you’ll discover what credit cards your followers hold, the buying habits of your followers and so on.

Mobile footprint

Here you’ll discover two main insights – your followers’ mobile carrier and what device they’re using.


Twitter Cards

If you’re using Twitter Cards, all their info will appear here. As most of you won’t be, lets move on to…



No matter what platform it is, video is extremely important when it comes to social media marketing. Twitter is no different. If you upload native videos (those uploaded directly as opposed to links shared) here you’ll see how many views your videos got on a graph. However, you won’t see them in the data below unless you’ve published a promoted video via ads.twitter.com or video.twitter.com.



Tools is broken down into two categories – apps and conversion tracking. If you’ve added an app and promoted it, this is where you’ll see how the campaign is going.

Conversion tracking is for when you set up specific objectives for your ads and you want to see if that objective is achieved. Here you will see how many times the ad did what you wanted it to do. So, let’s say you have an ad campaign to drive sales that gets 100 clicks. If 10 of those clicks turn into sales, you’ve a 10% conversion rate. Simple!


Take your SEO even further with our free guide to getting you to the top of searches

TrekkSoft SEO ebook

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