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Published by Ilse | May 28, 2015 | | 1 MIN READ

How to easily manage multiple tours with limited guides and kayaks

Happy to present to you Patrick and Kelly O'Regan, proud owners of North Clare Sea Kayaking! Here is how our Online Booking System and Resource Manager simplified the management of their sea kayaking business.


Meet Patrick and Kelly O'Regan. A couple that paddled across the world together before founding North Clare Sea Kayaking in Doolin, Ireland. Their kayak tours include spectacular views, ancient sites, enchanting nature, and impressing cliffs and caves. Customers appreciate the variety of tours, but it was no easy task to manage the multiple tours with limited guides and kayaks.

In search of a solution, Patrick and Kelly discovered TrekkSoft. Our Online Booking System instantly enabled their guests to make online reservations and pay direct online. But it was our Resource Manager System that revolutionized their business the most. The time consuming task of carefully planning tours to avoid overbooking has been replaced by our system. When one kayak tour gets booked, our software automatically adjusts the availability of the others. 


As kayak enthusiasts and outdoor passionates, Kelly and Patrick spend most of their time outside. The mobile app of TrekkSoft allows them to run a tight ship on the go. "We find the mobile app very useful as we are constantly out in the kayaks or on the bikes, and this way we can take bookings on the go and adjust tour sizes.". 

We also automatically send out pre-tour info sheets and post-tour follow up emails to their customers. The couple says to love how these little extra details made it easier for them to run North Clare Sea Kayaking. "Using Trekksoft gives North Clare Sea Kayaking a more professional feel, it is easy for our clients to use and allows year-round booking.", concludes Patrick, "It creates an efficient way to operate, keep track and promote our business and our tours.".

Success stories like these make our heart beat faster. We are proud that our software simplifies the management of North Clare Sea Kayaking. Kelly and Patrick can now keep their focus on what's important - providing guests with unique experiences and amazing memories!



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Published by Ilse
Ilse works as inbound marketing strategist for TrekkSoft in Interlaken. She enjoys going for a morning swim in the lake, an afternoon hike in the mountains, and a spontaneous road trip in the weekend.
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