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2018 in Review: In conversation with our CEO and CTO

2018 was a big year in the tours and activities sector and discussed this in our recent webinar with Olan O'Sullivan, our CEO, and Jason Roe, our CTO. They shared their thoughts about industry changes in 2018 and how TrekkSoft plans to keep our customers at the top of their game. 

Here are some highlights from the webinar.

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Published by Franziska Wernet | Sep 8, 2016 | | 4 MIN READ

How to plan corporate events and reach a new target group

In the tour and activity industry, you often hear talk of corporate events. This isn't surprising: it's a relevant niche throughout the year. A corporate event could be a team building event, a company excursion such as a rafting trip or a cooking class, or the annual Christmas party. 

Planning events, finding the right target group, and getting satisfied customers are just some of the challenges of corporate events.

To simplify their planning and execution, here's our advice on organizing the best corporate events for your customers.

1. Define the type of corporate event it is

There are many different types of corporate events. First you have to decide which direction your company event will take. 

Is it a team building event, aiming to improve the team cohesion, such as by visiting a climbing park, inventing a team song, or building a canoe? Or is it an opportunity for the whole team to celebrate the successful results from the past year, for instance with a Christmas party? A corporate event could also be an incentive for the whole team to learn certain know-how.

Only when you know what kind of corporate events your company provides can you promote them successfully. In the use case below, Segway Antwerpen, a provider using TrekkSoft software, effectively displays the category "team building" on their website: Teambuilding_SegwayAntwerpen.jpg


2. Find your target group

Principle No. 1 for providing corporate events: know who your audience is and where to find them!

Keep in mind that your offer has to match the size of the company. A department with fifty people must be served by you and your team. If, for example, you do not have enough space for fifty people at a cooking class, you have to talk to smaller companies. 

The same applies for your resources. If you host a team building event like raft building, keep in mind that you need equipment for each attendee. Want to know how to track and organize your equipment and availability more effectively? Use a rental system that allows you to stay up-to-date and avoid overbooking.


3. Address your target group successfully

Now you know who your target group is. But how and where can you reach out to these people?

Firstly, find out which companies of this size are in your immediate surroundings and contact them personally via email, by phone, or directly at the next tradeshow.   

You also need to align your SEO (search engine optimization) to the target group of corporate events, team building and company excursions. This will allow interested companies to find your offers. Need tips on how to do SEO? Take a look in our SEO guide.

Do you have a marketing budget available? Start a Google AdWords campaign focused on keywords like corporate event, team building, incentive or company excursion to promote your offer and get the user's attention. You can also launch Facebook advertising campaigns. To understand how this works, refer to our 7 steps to create your first Facebook ad

Finally, you could distribute promotion codes to let companies receive a discount on their first company event booking. Think about distributing it at tradeshows, posting it on Facebook, or sending an email to former customers.


5. Address the right audience on your website

Ideally, you will work with two separate groups of customers, one for individual customers and one for companies and groups. 

Interlaken Tourism shows a good example: their website is mostly targeted at individual bookings, but they have one menu item for "conferences & groups":


Provide a direct booking and inquiry option for the corporate events on your website. Use custom fields to ask how many people will participate, if there are special wishes, if catering is required, etc. If you receive this information with the event request, you can easily present your customer with the perfect offer.


5. Correctly calculate the cost of the corporate event

Organizing a corporate event is different from your offers for private and individual guests. You need a strategy to plan the location of the corporate event, the equipment (boats, life jackets, etc.) and the process in general (meeting point, transport, start/end of event, etc.). This will all be based on the number of attendees you expect.

You also have to calculate the price of the team event according to the number of attendees. Best practice is to have a group package with a minimum number of guests to cover your expenses.  


6. Work with additional add-ons

By considering add-ons, you can better calculate the cost of your company event. Are you offering one main element of the corporate event, like the climbing park? You could use this as the foundation of the event, then create one add-on for an additional barbecue, a city tour afterwards, or other suitable offers. These offers could be provided by your company or maybe a partner company. 

By providing additional offers, you demonstrate to your customer your flexibility and variety of choice when planning corporate events. 




7. Use down payments

As opposed to working with individual guests, for corporate events you will create a custom offer that takes into consideration the number of attendees and the company's requests for the event. Considering the cost and effort required from your side, it's great to have the possibility of requesting a down payment.

With TrekkSoft booking software, you can set if a down payment is necessary from a customer. If it is, you can also create your own terms and decide how much is required and when.



You can also send the invoice of the total corporate event to the company via email with one click in your TrekkSoft account. 


8. Provide great service before and after the event

To have well-prepared and informed customers, make sure to send all important information and documents in advance. This will ensure that they know where to meet, what to bring, what the itinerary of the event will be, etc. The better the company is informed about the process, the smoother the overall event will go. 



To help you communicate with your customers, TrekkSoft provides a pre- and post-trip email and SMS contact feature. With this, it's easy to inform guests of any updates or changes in plan ahead of the event.

After the event, the feature is also a good way to keep in contact with the company and remind them to leave a review on TripAdvisor, follow you on Facebook, or any other call-to-action.



9. Build corporate references

To get similar bookings from other companies and benefit from the positive feedback of your customers, you can ask guests of the corporate event to give you a reference or review. 

One benefit of organising corporate events is that many people take part, which means you can have access to a great deal of word-of-mouth advertising.

To maximise the impact of your positive reviews on TripAdvisor, you can also display them on your website with the TripAdvisor integration offered by TrekkSoft. Interlaken Free Walking Tour does this really effectively:  


To share the testimonials you receive from your corporate events, it is also worth creating your own reference section on your website, including the company's logos and ideally a short summary of the corporate event from an attendee or company owner.

If there is negative feedback among the results, accept it and try to optimize your corporate event with the given feedback. Keep in mind that the more corporate events you plan, the more feedback from companies you get. Thus, you can continuously improve your corporate event and receive even better reviews.


WTM London is one of our favorite events. Are you attending this year? Schedule a time to meet up with us!

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