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Published by Nicole Kow | Jan 3, 2017 | | 2 MIN READ

How to tell if your marketing strategy is working

We market to sell.

However, in between marketing and selling is a journey your customers need to take before they are ready to make a booking and pay for your services. This journey should be guided by a clear marketing strategy that is grounded in even clearer goals. Each stage of your customer journey can also be measured and tracked, giving you unique insights into how your marketing efforts are performing on the World Wide Web.

Here are 4 metrics you can track along your customers' journey to find out if your marketing strategy is working.

Pay attention to site traffic


1. Website visits

Use Google Analytics to track your website visits or site traffic. Zoom in even further and track your sources of traffic, may it be through social media, an email link or via organic searches.

You should also be tracking unique site visits to understand how effectively your online marketing strategies are working. Unique site visits represent the number of new visitors to your web page. It's always interesting to know how people find you online, where they come from, and through which channels drive the most traffic to your website.

Knowing how your visitors find you is key to driving more traffic, and more potential customers, to your website.


2. Conversion rates

Conversion rates or click-through rates are important because they tell you how many interested visitors actually click on your "Inquire now" or "Book now" button. Use Google Analytics to track conversion rates on your tour or activity description pages.

To increase conversion rates, sometimes all you need to do is to improve your Call To Action. Here's how you can power-up your Call To Action.

For TrekkSoft customers, you can connect your TrekkSoft account to your Google Analytics account to start tracking your conversion rates. Learn more about it in our documentations page here.

Track the number of bookings you take in per month


3. Number of Bookings

Your number of bookings is important to track because it shows you how many curious or interested visitors turn into actual bookings. It directly reflects how your marketing efforts influence your bottom line.

Identify which channels your bookings are coming from, whether it might be via your website, your resellers and agents, your OTA profile or in-person at the point of sale. Identify your top three channels and focus your marketing efforts there.

Here are 21 distribution channels tour and activity providers should consider using in 2017. 


4. Number of Participations

The number of participations reflect how many people actually turn up on the day for your tour or activity. Why is this important? Because if you receive on-the-spot payments, having people turn up for your services is important for you to get paid.

You also manage your resources better when you know which tours or activities are more popular, and which time of day or day in the week usually gets more participation. Identifying these patterns can also improve your marketing planning by focusing more efforts on low-turnover periods rather than the more popular ones.

With TrekkSoft's Business Intelligence feature, it gives you an overview of all these important indicators and metrics. Our customers can explore data about their businesses, and dig into other stats like your Gross Sales, Sales Based on Activity and Sales Based on Market. Learn more about this new feature in our documentations.

Note: Business Intelligence is only available to our Enterprise subscribers or higher.


Use data to drive business decisions



Your marketing strategy should focus on your customer and intentionally guide them throughout their customer journey. To see how effectively your efforts are working to move your customers along the journey, you can use these metrics to measure your performance. Each metric you track should act as a checkpoint along this journey, that ultimately leads to a paid customer who turns up and has a great time on your tour or activity. 

Further reading:

Do you have any other suggestions to measure a successful marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments below! 


Download our free ebook to learn more about creating a marketing strategy for your business. 

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Nicole Kow
Published by Nicole Kow
Having graduated from the UK, Nicole travelled around Europe before joining TrekkSoft's marketing team. She is now based in KL and regularly blogs about her travels at Next Train Out.
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