How tour and activity providers can benefit from stag parties

Posted by Franziska Klein on Nov 17, 2016

This article has been adapted from the original German post by Franziska Klein.

Stag and bachelor parties are becoming increasingly popular. This longstanding tradition is indispensable in most circles of friends. The ideas and activities for this last evening of freedom can vary - like a girls' spa weekend, river rafting, or a Dinnerhopping bus trip in Munich. 

While the tradition was dying down for a while, films like the popular comedy The Hangover triggered a new generation of grooms and brides-to-be. These parties are an opportunity for many engaged couples to enjoy a special day together with friends.

As a result, more cities are starting to offer their own unique bachelor and bachelorette party offers. Cologne Tourism, for example, works in cooperation with local suppliers to offer these unique experiences. Tour and activity providers can benefit greatly from doing something similar. 


1. Know your target group

This is the most important rule of all: know your target group. For stag parties, it's relatively simple -- young people, mostly between 20-35, and looking for an unforgettable group experience. The budget for a stag party is relatively high because the group usually splits the costs with the bride or groom. 

Most of the bachelor and bachelorette parties are organized in the classic way -- separated in male or female groups, but the popularity of mixed stag parties is rising. Keep in mind, depending on the target group (women, men, mixed gender) to address your target audience in the most suitable way.

2. Think about the right offer

It's important to ask yourself if your business would be right for a bridal or bachelor party. There are many activities that brides and grooms might come looking for. Rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, or paintball are all great ideas. Wellness offers such as spa or thermal baths are also popular, especially among bridal parties. Photo shoots and culinary experiences like cooking classes, cocktail courses or beer tastings are also becoming increasingly popular among this generation. 

Create offers that fit your own target group and are suitable for groups of all sizes. Be sure to specify exactly what the stag party includes (transport, food, giveaways, etc.) to avoid confusion. Use different offer variants, such as different packages, or make use of add-ons that can be booked additionally. With TrekkSoft it is very easy to offer add-ons like t-shirts, videos, or a champagne reception, so every customer can customize their experiences.

3. Connect partnerships

Bachelor parties can easily be single offers, that last half a day. But customers are often looking more and may want to combine different offers to their own desires. Look for partners to cooperate with in the area, like other tour and activity providers, restaurants or pubs. For instance, if you're offering a rafting trip then arrange with a partner to organize a champagne reception or a barbecue afterwards. 

With the TrekkSoft partner network you can choose from a broad variety of touristic partners. You can easily find the ones you want to work with and sell your own offers on your partner's website. This gives you a greater reach, so groups out of you own region can find you as well. It also makes it possible to exchange with other companies of the same industry and collect new ideas. 



4. Attract your target audience

It's important to become more familiar with your target group. Look for networking events where you can get your company's name out there. It might be good to visit wedding fairs and suit shops where you can distribute discount codes. A discount of 10% for the booking of a stag party will help the party's organizer remember you. 

Another great way to attract your audience is to offer something special for the bride or groom. Afterall, they are the main focus of the day. Think of something special that could serve as a souvenir of the day. For example, a cooking apron for the bride or groom would be a thoughtful surprise at a cooking class. Or the creation of a customized beer at a beer tasting would inspire the bride/groom and be memorable to the group! 

5. Promote your parties

For this, it's important to know where to address potential customers and how to win them. One of the best ways to appeal to a young target group is through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Creating emotions are what really count, so create postings that sell certain feelings. A friend who's looking for the perfect experience for her best friend, for example, will take a look a the details of your offer. Things like price, location and duration are all important factors for her, but what will really persuade her to book this bridal weekend is the emotion behind it.

Try to get recommendations afterwards. With a stag party of 10 people who've spent a great day together, the recommendation rate can be relatively high. Consider sending a post-trip email to the group with the best photos taken of them. Be sure to include a direct link to your social media profiles or your TripAdvisor page. 

Do you have some budget left? Why not invest it in Google AdWords on keywords around stag parties (be sure to include 'bridal parties' and 'bachelor parties' in those phrases, regardless of your region). To get more information about how to set up Google AdWords refer to our free Google AdWords Handbook.

6. Be up-to-date

It's important to be up to date with new trends. Not only textual, but technical trends like Google Trips, Instagram and the newest social media updates will keep your business relevant. With this, you can continually expand your offers. Always keep in mind that your competitors don't sleep and you want your customer to book your offer, not someone else's.

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