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Published by Lucy Fuggle | Oct 30, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

5 strategies for tour and activity providers in Iceland to react to the expected tourism boom in 2016

Iceland is a hotspot for outdoor activities and tours, and the country's tourism is undoubtedly booming. Roughly 600.000 tourists are expected to visit during the summer months in 2016, nearly twice Iceland’s population.

Because of this, the Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF) warns that improvements are necessary at the more popular Icelandic tourism destinations before next summer. 

To boost bookings, prepare for a busy season, and increase your revenue as an activity provider or tour operator in Iceland, here are 4 promotional strategies to consider.

1. Ensure all of your activites are on your website (and bookable)

Your next customer is likely to find your business online and browse your website to decide whether or not to book. Increase the chances of this happening by displaying all of your activities on your website.


You can increase conversion likelihood by adding a "book now" button to each activity. Online booking speeds up a customer's booking process, satisifes those who would rather not pick up the phone, and simplifies admin for you too. In the modern tour and activity industry, having a booking engine couldn't be more important or beneficial.

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2. Prevent overbooking with a Resource Manager

The last thing you want is to have an influx of customers then be faced with overbookings and overdistribution of your rented equipment.

With an online booking system and built-in Resource Manager, such as TrekkSoft's, you can rest assured that the live inventory is preventing any problems.

If you have ten places available on your cycling trip, a maximum of ten people will turn up. If you only have five kayaks to rent, that's the maximum that can be rented out.


3. Iceland is known for its beautiful scenery: show off the best of it

Think about the scenic highlights of your outdoor activities and highlight these on your website and in your marketing.

Do you pass by a stunning lake or mountain panorama on your walking tour? What about the geysers, waterfalls, and black stony beaches that customers may see on a Golden Circle coach tour?


  • Use high-quality photography of your tours, activities, and local scenery on your website and social media. You can have a read of our complete guide to visual content marketing for professionals in the tourism industry.
  • Optimise your text content to be both engaging and easy-to-read. Visit Finland's homepage does this well.
  • Use keywords related to your tours or activities that tourists are likely to search for (e.g. "Blue Lagoon", "Golden Circle".


4. Consider what your customers want from your outdoor activities

Your job as a tour operator or activity provider is to provide customers with memorable experiences that they can take home and remember fondly.

Consider the dreams, goals, and wishes that customers are thinking about when they choose your outdoor activity. Express these on your website and in all customer engagement, and ensure smiling faces by orientating your tours around them too.


5. Encourage happy customers to be your business ambassadors

If one customer is exceptionally happy with your tour or outdoor activity, let them become an ambassador for your business!

Let customers know about your social media networks, tell them that you're active on TripAdvisor, and say how you'd love to see their photos from the tour. Good news travels fast, and word-of-mouth advertising is incredibly powerful.

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