Industry News: The Rise of Food Tourism and Smartphones

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Feb 20, 2015

This week in Industry News, Skift releases a report on the rise of food tourism, plus why are smartphones vital to the future of the tours and activities industry.

Rise of Food Tourism 

Skift in collaboration with Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance conducted a Travel Trends Report named The Rise of Food Tourism. In the report they chronicle the rise of the food tourism industry, from its meager numbers to a uber popular activity in most destinations. Food tourism is one of those unique activities that can introduce tourists to a new location’s history, culture, and people, while partaking in


 most people’s favorite past time, eating.  Most food tours  involve walking around to the different locations, this provides for sightseeing time. Destination marketing organizations are using the interest in food tours to open new consumer markets and drive business to a wider range of regional travel suppliers working in the food and beverage sector. These marketing organizations are even creating promotional campaigns around food and beverage designed to target different market segments. The report goes on to talk about how to identify the best practices for developing food practices. You can download the full report here.



 Smartphones and Apps Future of Tours and Activites

It seems once every week I have a report on the importance of mobile technology in the travel industry. This week Tnooz co-founder Kevin May wrote an article “Why the future of tour operating could rest with the smartphone”. I will summarize some of the key points of his article.  The gist of it is most industries have already made the transition and embraced mobile technology and the rise of apps. The tours and activities industry is lacking behind, thus missing out on another avenue for revenue. It is estimated that 87% of global travellers use mobile devices. A UK study shows that on average people spend 30-32 hours researching, and booking for their activities. The tours and activity sector must provide them the tools to make this easier. Also apps present a different way to reach your customer base. An easier way to engage with them and also an easier way to sell to them. With global financial crisis forcing people to tighten their belts, the tours and activities industry must evolve with the times or they will continue to lose revenue.


ISPO Munich

The largest outdoor and sports show in Europe ISPO took place in Munich, Germany from February 5-8.  The four day event was attended by more than 80,000 trade visitors. There were over 2,500 exhibitors from over 50 countries at ISPO. The fastest growing segment is the outdoor segment with more than 40 new exhibitors and almost 100. ISPO also awards many in the outdoor sector for their excellency. Jonasfreerider-498473_640 Hellentin one of the jury members for the awards at this to say about the event.“The purpose with the ISPO Awards is to honor excellent sports products in the industry. We see more and more cross over products bridging the gap between lifestyle and sports.” With product innovation a big thing in travel, trade shows like this matter, trade shows that can bring together the adventure companies and the producers of quality gear. The future is bright for this sports show.

Peace through Tourism

Top tourism experts are in South Africa attending a symposium. The topic of the symposium is how to bring about peace through tourism. Secretary-general of the UN World Tourism Organisation, Taleb Rifai, and David Scowsill, president and chief executive of the World Travel and Tourism Council are in the country attending the symposium. They visited Cape Town to take in some tourists attractions. But they made sure to visit sights that would hammer home the mission of the symposium. They visited Robben Island Maximum Security Prison, the very cell Nelson Mandela was held. Harkening on stories like that, they stressed on the importance of tourism and how it can bring us all closer together.



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