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Published by TrekkSoft | Jan 15, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

Introducing TrekkMarket, the TrekkSoft marketplace for tour and activity providers

We are excited to introduce to you the all-new TrekkMarket! TrekkMarket is a continually growing online marketplace, which currently hosts over 1000 tours and activities in 61 different countries. With more and more customers flocking to the Internet for all of their purchasing needs, a virtual marketplace has never been more relevant.


TrekkMarket provides customers with an organized and easy-to-use interface in which they can book from a large database of trip offerings. By integrating TrekkSoft and TrekkMarket, the selling and marketing potential for your company is endless!

If you are a TrekkSoft user, your tours are already live and ready to book directly on TrekkMarket. And if you wish to sign-up for the TrekkMarket, you can start the process by creating a TrekkSoft account here.

The purpose and value of an online marketplace

Consider TrekkMarket the simplest yet most essential reselling agent that you can acquire.

Being on the TrekkMarket places your tours in a global marketplace environment which means increased traffic and visibility. With so many diverse tours, TrekkMarket is the go-to site for customers looking to book an upcoming trip. Your tours will be exposed to a new and extensive customer base, which will fill up your bookings faster than ever before.

We know that such a marketplace would cease to exist without the amazing tour businesses that have decided to use TrekkSoft. As a favor we have taken care of all the hard work so that integration is seamless. As a TrekkSoft customer, the process of posting your tours to TrekkMarket has been done for you. There is no set-up necessary from your end. Entering a marketplace has never been easier. 

How TrekkMarket ranks against competing marketplaces


TrekkMarket is the first of its kind as it enables a direct synchronization of marketplace and personal booking software. Unlike other third party marketplaces that require a separate interface, all tours posted on TrekkMarket are directly linked to your TrekkSoft account. Due to this consistent line of communication, TrekkMarket offers an accurate capacity management that is unmatched by competitors.

Without having to move a finger, the integrated software knows to display the correct number of seats remaining for a tour on both your TrekkSoft page and on TrekkMarket. We've removed the hassle and miscommunications with under/overbooked trips. The versatility of TrekkSoft as a global marketplace and personal website is your one-stop solution to all of your destination bookings!

Terms of TrekkMarket

With the visibility of TrekkMarket, you are sure to increase your bookings. Because of the added perks and benefits, and all of the work we put into creating and sustaining this virtual market, all tours sold on the marketplace will have a commission fee of 16%. Compared to other booking software engines, our commission fee remains one of the most competitive you’ll find. We should also note that this fee is only applied for tours booked on the marketplace, tours booked directly from your website with TrekkSoft's payment gateway will only be charged our standard 6%.

If you decide that TrekkMarket is not the best fit for your company, you can continue to use TrekkSoft without having your tours posted onto TrekkMarket. You will still have the ability to enlist other agents and integrate your tours directly on your own website. If you wish to opt out of the TrekkMarket you can do so from the admin desk. Simply go to the settings tab and click on the bookings link in the dropdown menu. On this page you will find an opt out box which you can check and all of your tours will be exempt from TrekkMarket.


Interested in TrekkSoft and what else our software can offer your business? 


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