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Published by Colm Hanratty | Oct 18, 2016 | | 3 MIN READ

How to stay on top of your customer service with social media

Social media is an extremely powerful way to market your business. Whether it’s joining a fast-paced Twitter chat, sharing an awe-inspiring photo to Instagram or streaming live video on Facebook, channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways for us to reach a wider audience.

Social media platforms also provide an easy way for our customers to get in touch with us, and social media is now as much of a customer service channel as a marketing channel.

To keep on top of your customer service on social media, you need to know where to look. Check the following places every day and you shouldn’t leave any potential customers (or complainers!) waiting too long…



1. PMs (Private Messages)


Many of the people who wish to get in touch with you will consider sending a direct message on Facebook before anything else. Make this the first place you check every day.


2. Wall posts

Sometimes people will write on your wall publicly instead of messaging privately, so make sure you also check here regularly. To find them, once you're on your business page, scroll down until you see 'Visitor Posts' on the right hand side.


3. Mentions



A mention is usally one of two things – a compliment or complaint. They tend to be less frequent than the previous two methods, but they can occur every now and then. To find them, click on Notifications > Activity > Mentions.


4. Post/advert comments

Every time you share something on your wall or run an advert, you’re opening the door for comments and queries. Make sure to monitor each post for a couple of days after sharing. Similarly, if you have a Facebook ad running that permits comments, make sure to also check it daily.


5. Reviews

If a customer is unhappy with their tour or activity, they may well leave a negative review instead of contacting you to complain. If you want to get to the bottom of their complaint, it’s best to respond publicly to show future potential customers that you take such comments seriously. You'll find reviews in the same place as mentions.



If, for some reason, you don’t want to allow people to send your Facebook page a private message or even write on your wall, you can disable both these functions in your page settings.


1. Notifications




The first thing you should do when you log into Twitter is to check your notifications. Here you’ll see retweets, likes and new followers.

You’ll also see two notifications that can be used for customer service purposes:

  • @messages: If a potential customer wants to know your prices or what days your tour run, they might tweet you directly.
  • Mentions: This is when somebody mentions you in the middle of a tweet. More times than not, it occurs when somebody complains. But it could be a case of somebody tweeting something as straightforward as Hey @trekksoft, when is your next webinar?


2. Direct Messages (DMs)



Direct Messages, or a private message on Twitter, can be received a) from people that follow each other or b) from anyone. You can choose your preference in your Security and privacy settings.



Someone could also tag your account in a photo by way of getting your attention to send you a question, but it’s fairly unlikely.




As with Facebook, monitor comments on your Instagram posts for a couple of days after you share them to see if anybody has left any customer service-type comments.


2. Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct allows you to send messages to one or more people. It’s not a method many people are using at present, but you should still check your inbox icon regularly.




Instagram isn’t a channel that many people use for customer service at present, but it’s growing fast and with that will come changes in user behaviour.


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