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Published by Colm Hanratty | Jul 24, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

Facebook Insights: 5 key statistics you should monitor to get the most out of your FB page

Facebook is an extremely effective marketing tool for tour and activity operators. Things might have changed in recent years in terms of organic vs paid reach, but use it the right way and not only will it help you reach a wider audience for your tours. It will generate revenue for you on a regular basis also. 

To really get the most out of Facebook you need to constantly analyse the content you are publishing. Do commercial posts work better than content driven ones?Do competitions annoy some of your fanbase? Facebook Insights will tell you this and more. 

Here are 10 key stats from Facebook Insights (five from your dashboard and five from the exportable spreadsheet) that will help you get more from your Facebook marketing.

From your dashboard...

1. Type of content to share













Every audience is different. Some engage with videos better, others like to click on links. When you're logged in to the insights of your page click on 'Posts' and then 'Post types' below this. This will tell you whether you should be sharing videos, text only updates, photos or something else.


2. Your fans - overview, reached and engaged

When you're in your page's Insights, click on the word 'People'. This will give you an overview of the people that 'Like' your page. But most importantly it will tell you who you are reaching and who is engaging with your content. This could determine the type of content you share.


3. Tops posts from pages you watch

It's always good to see the competiton are up to. Conveniently Facebook lets you bookmark your competitor's Facebook pages and their posts to see what is working best for them.


4. When to post












If most of your Facebook fans are in the same time zone you are, then chances are this insight is going to tell you to post at night time. What it's really useful for is finding out the best day of the week to post. Roll over the different days at the top and you'll find out.


5. External referrer

Want to know where your Facebook page's traffic is coming from? Facebook Insights will tell you. Just click on 'Visits' and 'External Referrers' to find out. If you see a lot of traffic is coming from Google, this will tell you to make sure you keep your Facebook cover photo up to date.

From the exportable spreadsheet









6. New 'Likes'

This is as straightforward as it sounds - keep an eye on week-on-week/month-on-month Likes to see what content is working the best.


7. Reach

This is a figure that sometimes needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, but is still worth noting regularly. This tells you the number of people who see your content - those who engage and those who don't.


8. Consumers / Consumptions

Of all of Facebook Insights' statistics, this is the most valuable. This tells you the number of people who engage in your content every day/week/month along with the number of times. This is something TV, radio and print can't tell you, making it an extremely valuable statistic.

9. Unlikes / Negative feedback

While your content might be performing well, it mightn't be resonating with some people. 'Unlikes' is fairly self-explanatory - these are people who have decided to unlike your page. 'Negative feedback' is those who have reported a post for spam, hid a post or hid all your content. 

10. People talking about this

Once upon a time Facebook used to have this figure on business pages, but they've since removed it. With your 'People talking about this' figure, you can work out your engagement rate. So if you've 1,000 fans and your weekly PTAT figure is 100, you've an engagement rate of 10%.


Do you look at your Facebook Insights regularly? Why or why not?

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