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Announcement! We've launched the TrekkSoft Accommodation Feature

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Oct 28, 2016

Here at TrekkSoft, we work with many tour and activity companies who also offer accommodation. For instance, surf camps, diving centres, and multi-day tours. 

As we've gotten to know these customers, there's something we keep hearing: juggling activities and accommodation isn't always easy. Especially if you want your complete live inventory to be bookable online.

What our customers need is a one-stop-shop: a way to sell their activities and accommodation in one place.

Enter your new secret weapon -- the TrekkSoft Accommodation Feature!


With this feature, you can...

  • Accept real-time accommodation bookings on your website
  • View, manage, and adjust your property availability to meet customer demand
  • Manage your properties' check-ins, check-outs with the Accommodation Overview feature
  • Look at your calendar to see which rooms are occupied, available, or even blocked for renovation
  • Accept deposits for accommodation bookings
  • Get accommodation reporting and an updated booking desk


Additionally, you can list resources, such as rooms or number of beds. You will be able to price various categories for the different rooms offered. List the accommodation type with the Property feature and from there, you can create a schedule for the listings.

Best of all, the Accommodation Feature is included with Enterprise (previously known an ProConnect) plans and higher. While some other booking software providers offer their own property management systems, they are sold as stand-alones for an additional fee.

The Enterprise plan is our best-value price plan, giving you access to all TrekkSoft features and helping you build a powerful online distribution network.

For existing customers already on the pro-connect plan, you can activate this feature by folllwing these 5 simple steps

Accommodation feature for activity providers

As the Accommodation Feature evolves, we will have new and exciting iterations to release. These will benefit:

  • Multi-day tours or camps that rely on partner accommodation
  • Accommodation providers who resell tours and activities
  • Resellers/travel agencies offering tours and activities that include accommodation 

We expect to announce these iterations towards the end of 2016. And, of course, all current TrekkSoft customers will hear first about new features and functionality!

We're excited to see how offering accommodation and activities on your website can take your business up a notch. We're also looking forward to your feedback!


To find out more about selling accommodation and activities on your website, we'd be happy to arrange a call.

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Lucy Fuggle

Written by Lucy Fuggle

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