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Published by Nicole Kow | Oct 22, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

How ghost and mystery tours can make the most of Halloween to get more bookings

Everyone’s favourite spooky holiday is just around the corner! Before eating too much candy and going all out with your promotional efforts this season, think of a few ways you can spice up your tours to make this Halloween truly special for you, your guides and your guests. 

To help you get started, here are 5 ways you could attract more customers to your eerie tours. 

1. Do something spooky 

Instead of a tour where you simply scare the bejesus out of guests with your creepy tales, why not turn it into an event? Perhaps have your guests dress up in costumes and have a costume competition.

For a more adult friendly tour, you could finish the tour in one of the best and/or scariest bars in town. It would not only make the tour more memorable, but also give you a lot of opportunities to create marketing material for your next event - think of all the funny (or scary) pictures you could post on social media to attract more visitors.

2. Do tell a gruelling tale

Get out on the streets and tell people about your tour! Instead of just handing out flyers to everyone that walks by, it’s time to get creative. You could dress up to attract the attention of passersby, tell a story to provide a cheeky teaser of what the tour will be like, and then add in a short introduction to your tours.

For a more chilling experience, you could invest in a booth and let your inner Hannibal Lecter decorate it, or set up a campfire with logs and have your audience sit down while you tell your tale.

Do your best to encourage customers to sign up and pay immediately with the help of TrekkSoft's mobile app, which lets you process payments from any device. You could also throw in a special offer (and free candy!) to sweeten the deal.


3. Do work with other witches, wizards, merchants and magicians

When I think of Halloween, I think of costumes, too much candy and pumpkins. Where do people usually get costumes? In England, it's often costume shops or charity shops. Also, do you have a local candy shop close by? Alternatively, maybe there’s a local farmers market or organic fruit and vegetable shop in town.

Figure out where your potential customers might hang out and work with those businesses to promote your tours. Have a look at TrekkSoft's Partner Network feature that could make collaboration easier.


4. Don't forget your social media

Another great way to engage with potential customers is through social media. Get online and start joining in on the conversation through hashtags. Last year, Comedy Central’s game show @midnight asked Twitter users to share #ScaryStoriesin5Words and received some of the funniest responses. This Halloween, the same hashtag has already kicked off some seriously hilarious tweets.

When it comes to your social media, you could also create shareable Halloween posts such as memes, gifs, your co-workers in funny costumes or your co-worker's pets in funny costumes (people love dressing up their pets). 

Don’t forget to use appropriate and relevant hashtags like #Halloween #Halloween2015 #HalloweenCostumes to get all the exposure you deserve.

5. Do be fun and silly

To stand out from the crowd and attract customers, get into the Halloween spirit and let your hair down. Halloween gives your business the opportunity to incorporate a little more fun into your marketing strategy and show off your wacky side.

Take this opportunity to show off your friendly and approachable side, a quality that many associate with a great tour experience.

Have a killer Halloween! Have you got any other great ideas for ghost and mystery tours? 


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Published by Nicole Kow
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