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Published by Nicole Kow | Apr 28, 2017 | | 6 MIN READ

Marketing super bundle for tour and activity operators

Marketing travel experiences to 21st century customers is no easy feat. You first need to find your niche market, create relevant and interesting messages to attracts them and finally convince them to book a trip with you. That's a lot of convincing to do if you ask me.
To make life a little easier, we've decided to create a super bundle of all our top marketing resources ever published on our blog and our library. This should make it easy for you to refer to some of our most useful resources, help you join the dots and turn your marketing efforts into tangible bookings. 

A few frequently asked questions about digital marketing

How do the different online marketing channels lead to a booking? 

Ideally, all your online marketing efforts should lead potential customers to your website, where they find content that's relevant and interesting and keeps them on your site. Your content should then direct customers to check out your tours and activities pages where they'll find information about your services and book a trip with you. 

Digital marketing flow.png

If you've not caught on, your biggest marketing and selling tool is your website. It's where your customers will find out about you, your trips and your team. It's where they decide if they want to spent hard earned cash and vacation days with you.

Don't give them a reason to choose someone else - work on your website as it is your most important marketing and sales channel. 

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Which online channels should you prioritise? 

This should depend on the following questions:

  • How much resources (time and energy) can you allocate to each channel? Be realistic about the time you can actually allocate to maintaining these online channels. I would suggest starting off with 2 or 3 channels. 
  • Which channels are you likely to find your customers on? Who are your customers and where are you likely to find them? Check out this infographic for interesting insights into social network demographics. 
  • How do you best communicate? If you communicate best through long form content, start a blog. If you're able to express yourself in less than 140 characters, focus on Twitter. Prefer pictures? Use Instagram or Pinterest. 


How will you know if your online marketing strategy is working? 

By measuring your results and testing it against alternative ideas. There are two parts to this answer so I'll address the first one, then the latter. 

Measuring your results across your online platforms doesn't have to be a complicated affair. In fact, whichever online platform you choose to promote and market your business, it will likely come with a reporting tool of its own. The trick to is figure out which numbers lead to a sale and which ones are "vanity metrics". 

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The second part to this question is to test your current strategy against alternative ideas or hypotheses. There are many different ways of doing this, from experimenting with an entirely new platform to A/B testing minor details like the colour of your "Book now" button or the the text on your headers. 

Taken together, these two aspects of measuring and testing can help you identify what's working and what's not. To find out why requires more rigorous A/B testings too. 

analytics 1 .jpg


Online marketing super bundle

Now that some important questions are out of the way, here's a long list of all the practical and useful content we've published on marketing. Feel free to bookmark this page to return to it at a later time too! 



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Remember to bookmark this post for future reference! We will be updating this from time to time, as we create more useful content to help tour and activity operators like you market the life out of your tours. Finally, if you found this useful, please forward it to a friend on social media or via email! 

Good luck!!


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