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Published by Lucy Fuggle | Oct 12, 2015 | | 3 MIN READ

9 marketing tips to get more bookings for your ropes course or canopy tours business

If you have a high ropes course or canopy tours business, your main priority will be providing your customers with adrenaline-fuelled experiences that challenge their comfort zones in the most exciting way.

However, in order to grow your activity business and drive bookings, you need to be constantly optimizing your marketing strategy. Here are nine tips to get started.

1. Include videos of your high or low ropes courses on your website

When visiting your website, customers want to be able to visualize your ropes course and imagine how the experience will make them feel. To achieve this, you can strengthen your visual content marketing.

According to a study by Demand Gen Reportuse of video content increased by 8% to 58% in 2014. Also, 86% of buyers expressed some level of desire to access some visual or interactive content on demand.


Include high-quality videos that show off the highlights of your course, be it adrenaline, a fantastic panorama from the highest point, or challenging jumps and ziplines. Professional video is most powerful, but you can also take a look at our advice on creating your own marketing videos.


2. Videos are just one of many add-ons you can give to your guests

Many ropes course companies offer each customer a video of their experience. If you have access to a videographer, you could offer these as an add-on for an additional cost.

Sharing the video with clients as an online link will also provide an added marketing bonus, as customers can then choose to make it public, share with friends, and become ambassadors for your business.

Other potential add-ons include professional photography packages or branded freebies such as wristbands, t-shirts, pens, or bottle openers. You can read our advice on add-ons here.


3. Make it as easy as possible to book your ropes courses online

The most successful ropes course businesses realize that booking needs to be simple. The best way to achieve this is by facilitating online bookings. By using booking engine software, you not only make life easier for your clients, but you save time and effort for yourself and your employees too.

Look into potential booking software providers and ask how easy their system is to use for both you and your customers. As one option, you can request a free consulation with our team and find out if TrekkSoft can work for your activity business.


4. Rent out your equipment online and use this as a competive advantage

When adding a booking engine to your ropes course website, it's also worth choosing a system with an online rental feature.

This can allow customers to rent out equipment (or book a guide) when they make their booking, or do this as a separate process.

If the rental feature has live inventory, as TrekkSoft's does, you never have to worry about over-distributing your equipment or guides. As the inventory updates in real-time, your business is always up-to-date.


5. Convey the rush of adrenaline in your content marketing

Photos and videos are great for showing off the thrill of your ropes course, but you should also focus on your wider text content marketing.

Read the text on your website aloud. Does it make you want to click the "book now" button? Everything you write should fit with your identity as an adventure activity provider.


6. Include a live webcam stream on your website

Having a live webcam can be a useful way to keep past customers engaged with your business as well as incentivizing possible clients to book an activity. If your ropes course is in a beautiful locale or with nearby wildlife, a live webcam could be worth it. If a viewer can only see trees, it might not be.


7. If you have a great view from your ropes course, wish your Facebook followers a happy weekend with a winning photo

Sometimes it's difficult to think of what to share on your Facebook page. Our Facebook strategy guide for activity providers can get you started, but it's also worth looking around you for marketing material.

Are there any opportunities for appealing photos such as a a beautiful sunset over your course? If so, try sharing one on your Facebook page and see how your followers respond.


8. Share rope course records or highlights on Twitter

Twitter is a useful social media platform for quick business updates and engagements with customers, and it's worth forming a strategy to avoid neglecting your account. Possible content includes sharing customer times on the ropes course, celebrating records, and fostering some healthy competition.

You can also use the Twitter advice from our tourism marketing pro to grow your strategy and generate more ideas.



9. Offer online voucher codes or discounts for group, advance, or repeat bookings

Vouchers are always a good way to boost your marketing and sales efforts. Online booking engines such as TrekkSoft facilitate online voucher and discount codes, and this can be highly useful if you want to encourage repeat, group, or advance bookings

Which marketing strategies do you use to get more rope course and canopy tour bookings?


Interested in finding out how TrekkSoft can help you streamline your booking process?

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Lucy Fuggle
Published by Lucy Fuggle
Lucy spent three years building TrekkSoft’s content strategy and inbound marketing approach. She now helps companies to find their voice, kick-start projects, and bring in processes that actually work for them. Lucy writes and shares her solo adventures on
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