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Published by Nicole Kow | Apr 13, 2017 | | 8 MIN READ

Meet your Customer Success Managers

When you first sign up with a booking software company, you'll be led through an onboarding process, which is a fancy term to refer to the process of getting new customers started. 
This includes training and educating new customers (you) about the software and how they can maximise returns on this investment. The onboarding process can take anywhere between a few days to a month or more, depending on your tech savviness and how much customisation your business requires. 
At TrekkSoft, here's how customers are onboarded to ensure a smooth transition and to get your tours and activities bookable online as quick as possible. 

Meet your Integrations Specialists

Once a customer has signed up for TrekkSoft, a handover call is scheduled between the customer, the Sales Consultant and an Integrations Specialist.
In this call, the customer and her business is introduced to the Integrations Specialist. The specific needs and software requirements for the business is also discussed so that everyone is up-to-speed and understands what needs to be done. 
I spoke to two of the integrations team members to get a better understanding of what their roles were and how they worked with new customers. 
tipuna_round.pngMeet Tipuna, Integrations Specialist 
Tell us about yourself and your role.
I onboard new clients and train them to use our software. To be good at my job, it's all about understanding my client's needs, what do they want; and understanding the client, learning about their skills, knowledge and expertise. 
I've found that our clients usually have 1 to 4 things they ultimately want for their business. Everything else is a bonus. Once I have a better understanding of them, I show them how the software is most beneficial to their needs, and I show them in a way that they will remember. 
What skills or experiences do you have that make you perfect for this role?
I grew up in Interlaken and my parents are tour operators themselves so I basically grew up in this industry and worked in it all my life. I speak English, German and Swiss German fluently, and a little French (he was trying hard not to brag). 
I'm also in my last semester of studying Business Administration.
What do you like about being an Integrations Specialist?
I like that I get to speak to different people on a daily basis. Because I'm interested in the art of communication, getting to speak to variety of people and adjusting the way I respond, ask questions and train them is, to me, incredibly fascinating. 
What do you try to achieve each day for your clients? 
Before I get on a call with anyone, I do a lot of prep work. I check up on their progress, try to engage with them and get them to do the next steps of the integration process. 
I want to get my clients to engage with the software and I've found that micro wins work best. Getting our clients to take small and easy steps like uploading a logo builds their confidence in their technical abilities and encourages them to use to the software a lot more. 
Lisa, Integrations Team LeadMeet Lisa, Integrations Team Lead 
What do you do?
I guide customers through the integration process, supporting those who are integrating and/or building a new website.
As a team lead, I oversee 10 integrations at any one time, and honestly, the more the merrier! I also reach out to team members if they’re struggling and try to help them out. At the end of the day, if each team member achieves their goals, everyone wins.
What experience do you have that makes you perfect for this job?
Before TrekkSoft, I was working as a customer solutions associate at which catered to an older demographic that was unfamiliar with software. The experience taught me how to break down "tech talk" into "human talk" - a valuable skill at TrekkSoft. 
What do you like about your job? 
Everyday is different. Plus, I get to talk to different people from all over the world and learn about different businesses. I also love working as part of a team and TrekkSoft is a really fun place to work. Its never a boring day. 
What do you want to achieve each day for your customers? 
Personally, I want to ensure that after every call with a customer, they have a deeper understanding of the software. I want them to learn something new, get inspired to learn something more and become a fan or even better, a promoter for the software.
I want to empower the customers I work with and support them to achieve their goals to "go live". Everyone celebrates when a customer "goes live" because they can now provide a better experience to their customers, it encourages them to use the software more and it builds their trust in TrekkSoft. 
Any advice for new or potential customers? 
When speaking to our Sales Consultants, make sure to discuss crucial aspects of your business with them to determine if our booking software is a right fit for your business. We sometimes get customers who sign up and only mention half way through the onboarding process something incredibly crucial about their business, which can lead to time and energy wasted on both ends. 


Meet your Account Manager

Once you've completed integrating your brand new booking solution to your website or have completed building a new website for your business, you will be introduced to your Account Manager. He or she will be the one you go to with questions and will oversee your account from here on. 
Tiina, Accout ManagerMeet Tiina, Account Manager
What do you do?
As an account manager I manage roughly 130 accounts with customers mainly from Norway, Finland, England, America and the Caribbean. 
What's your background and what experiences do you have that makes you perfect for this role?
I’ve been working in customer service and support and communications for a while now and previously studied tourism in university.
Since I travel a lot myself, these experiences are an advantage in this job because I know what my customer's customer expects from a booking system. I have inside knowledge which is valuable in this role. 
What do you like about your work?
I like people, I like our customers and I like how different they are. For many of them, their job is their passion and they have such interesting and unique products, I find it fascinating. I love that they’re also laid back and more open to new ideas and suggestions. 
Our customers are amazing and almost everyday, I speak to someone who makes this job worth it. 
What do you try to achieve each day for your customers? 
I try to make them happy and do everything I can to solve their issues. I listen to their comments, good or bad, and use their feedback to work on things within my control. 
Rob_round.pngMeet Rob, Head of TrekkSoft's Customer Success Team
What do you do for TrekkSoft? 
As the head of the department, I oversee all integrations and account management. I also manage a few accounts. 
What experience do you have that makes you perfect for this job?
(Nervous laughter) I previously worked in a multinational environment with and Hertz so I have quite a bit of experience in various sectors within the travel and tourism industry. 
What do you like about your job? 
I like that we have such a diverse and international team, and we work in an amazing location with different offices around the world. 
At TrekkSoft, no two days are the same. Everything is very fast paced and we get to implement and test out new systems and processes very quickly. 
What do you try to achieve each day for your customers? 
Our main goal is to ensure that the customer experience is high and we strive to create that perfect customer journey. To me, this means taking a new customer onboard, bringing them to a stage of being live as quickly and efficiently as possible, and helping them to grow their business while managing all of their expectations. 
What’s the goal for the whole CSM team this year?
The goal is to create a stronger relationship with all of our customers and increase the size of our customer base. 
Any advice for new or potential customers? 
I find that most of our customers are not aware of the extensive set of features we offer. To make the most of it, once a customer has settled into the software, they should check out the new tutorials found in the Community


What level of support do you need?

When choosing a booking software, you should consider the level of support you'd like to receive throughout your journey with TrekkSoft. This would depend on:
  • Your technical skills and knowledge
  • Software features your company needs to generate and manage bookings better
  • Level or degree of specificity or customisation of the software to suit your company 
If you're looking for a simple booking solution that comes with an online payment gateway, our Essential plan would suit you best. It offers all the features new and small companies can use to take bookings. 
If you're already familiar with a booking system but want a system that lets you grow, our Accelerate plan can meet your needs. With a 

If you need a more sophisticated solution that requires some customisation or even new features built just for your business, TrekkSoft's Ultimate plan would meet those needs. A subscription to either one of these plans will give you access to an Account Manager who can provide valuable support as your business grows. 


Some valuable advice from the team


“You need to be 100% sure why you want TrekkSoft and which area of your business you need it for.” - Tipuna
“It’s only a computer, it’s as clever as the information we put in it.” - Lisa
“Transitioning to a new software or using a booking software for the first time can seem daunting and complicated at first. My advice is to stick with it, ask questions and learn as much as you can. It gets easier with more practice.” - Tiina
“Check out the TrekkSoft Community for new feature tutorials, training tools and webinars. It's a great platform to get stuck into the software.” - Rob
I hope this article has given you a better picture of what it means to sign up and work with a booking software. If you're interested in what TrekkSoft has to offer, do arrange a call with a team member to find out more. 
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