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Posted by Nelson Oduro on Oct 31, 2014

Yolonda Norman de Fernandez, owner of Three Amigos and Amigo Trails discusses her first foray with a booking system, and her endearing relationship with TrekkSoft.

Three Amigos is a tours and activities company in Creel, Mexico, providing adventure trips in the Copper Canyons. The walls of the canyon are a copper color which is where the name comes from. The Copper Canyon or Barranca del Cobre as it is affectionately called by the locals is a group of six canyons. Regions of the canyon are deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States, so you can imagine the wondrous views the canyons provide. Tourists are flocking to the Canyons to experience it themselves. There are not that many tour operators that offer tours that go into the Canyon. Not only does Three Amigos offer tours to the Copper Canyon, but they actually have an office in the Canyons. They are on sight!! No surprise that they are the number one ranked activity on TripAdvisor.

Yolonda profile cropped.
Yolonda Norman de Fernandez, owner of Three Amigos and Amigo Trails

Three Amigos along with their sister company Amigo Trails offers day tours like an Around Creel Tour and multi-day packages ranging from 4 night Canyon Runs to 10 Night Biking & and Multisport Adventure tours, this keeps them outside of the office and often in remote locations with no internet access. Communication with clients can go one for a long period of time before an actual booking takes place.

Yolonda Norman de Fernandez owner of both companies felt something needed to be done to improve this model, they needed to be more efficient. She reached out to TrekkSoft with the same concerns most activity providers have, they want a booking software that can be seamlessly integrated into their website, they want customers to be able to book and pay without having to contact them, and they want a back office where everything is stored. We were able to provide her with that.

The 3 Amigos Team

With Yolonda having two websites that work closely with one another, but have different tours and activities it required a lot of work from both teams. We had to upload all the tours with the corresponding itinerary, and pictures from both websites into one TrekkSoft account so she can manage everything on both sites from one back office, ”Our experience getting the website integration was time consuming, but in the end Tom Iannone was a huge help to getting over that hump and Michael was great as well. The system is pretty easy to use.” Meticulous back and forth between Yolonda and her team we were able to implement TrekkSoft into her their sites. The booking system is not only easy for her to use, it made the booking process simpler for her customers as well.

“The online booking system has made it much easier for my clients to amigoquotepurchase our products, The integration with our own website for direct bookings online has been a wonderful improvement to how we do business and increased our sales during the first week of implementation.”

When partnering up with another company, it's not always about the quality of their product, but the quality of their workers plays a major role too, you want a relationship that is sustainable.

Yolonda has a close team that trust one another, and she wanted that same trust with TrekkSoft. She wanted to partner with a company that have the same work ethics she does. It was solidified the TrekkSoft was the right company for her company early on.

I loved that I was able to reach Tom Iannone after hours while he was traveling by train to get somewhere. We are in different time zones, and I was very worried about how my website was looking due to an error in code that was causing it to look a bit 'off'. I reached Tom after hours and he was kind enough to spend another 1/2 hour with me to show me how to sort out the problem right then. I fixed the website integration issue and was able to sleep well that night. Thanks so much Tom!

We feel the same way about Yolonda and her team. We are ready to help out any customer who cares as deeply as Amigo Trails does. “I have suggested a few improvements that I know would make my life easier as a tour operator and TrekkSoft seems to be interested in implementing them so we are thrilled that they are on board with customer suggestions.” Yolonda we are also thrilled that you are on board with TrekkSoft, and so forthcoming with your feedback. It will help us improve the software, and continue to make it a seamless process for you and your customers, so you guys can spend most of your time on the canyons enjoying the marvelous views!amigo

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