How tourism companies in Nepal can solve international payment problems

Posted by TrekkSoft on Nov 28, 2012

Astoundingly tall peaks and a diverse culture of people characterize the country of Nepal. Therefore, it's no surprise that tourism is the largest industry within the country and every year, over 500,000 people take the opportunity to visit. One would think that because of the large tourism market, a vast availability of trips to Nepal would be bookable online, but in fact, that's not the case!


Significant payment restriction for incoming tour operators to Nepal

For a tour service that operates out of Nepal, some serious issues arise while trying to market their tours abroad. Because the country’s central banking system does not want Nepalese money leaving the country, barriers have been created that affect incoming transactions as well.



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Currently, local tour operators and activity providers are reliant upon big travel agencies to bring customers who would have to make in-person payments or mail in banking information months before the trip. This process adds more overall cost to the process of booking, yet another downside to travelling to such a breathtaking country.


Western Union or PayPal offer either very expensive or no solutions

There is always the option of using a Western Union account to wire money from a client to a tour operator, but this process is very costly per transaction and it does not provide a viable link to an operator’s booking system. Another option is that a travel company could establish a PayPal account, but once the money from a client finds its way to the tour operator, the funds are only available for use in an online setting. Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow any money withdrawals to Nepalese bank accounts.

The trade restrictions that have been enacted make it very difficult for potential clients to set up a trip in advance unless they file either a mail order or telephone order. They would be required to print the order out, fill it in, and ship it out well in advance. This process is not only streamlined and inefficient, but also may cost customers who are looking for a simple booking and the paying process causes them to become disinterested. Consequently, smaller tour operators need to become dependent upon large travel agencies.


How TrekkSoft can help

So the only way to solve this problem is to find a foreigner payment service provider that has properly sorted out the legal restrictions and does not charge an enormous amount of commission. This is exactly what TrekkSoft provides tour operators with, we enable you to integrate our service into your booking process as a third party service.

There is no problem with local laws because TrekkSoft conducts the entire payment outside of Nepal. Further, TrekkSoft can provide direct money withdrawals to whichever bank account in Nepal in US-Dollars. Once having received your US-Dollar payment, you can exchange it within the country so there is no border crossing money exchange involved, which prevents any conflicts with local restrictions.


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