Down Payment Feature for Advanced Bookings and partial payment

Published by Stefani de Matos on Jul 20, 2015

 Now, the new Trekksoft down payment feature allows:

  • Merchants to charge their clients only a portion of the total activity/tour price at the time of booking

  • The merchant  to accept reservations by charging clients 0 down payment and invoicing the full amount at a later date.

The new Trekksoft down Payment feature is available when you subscribe to our Premium plan or higher. 

Down payment feature for activities

How to setup down payments:

Setting up down payments is simple with our user-friendly software.

When you add a price category to your schedule, you will now see a new tab option Down Payment, here you can specify the amount that gets charged right at the time of booking per guest.


How do they appear in the front end?

Now, how will this appear to your clients? When guests make a booking they will be able to see each guests' down payment amount. On the cart there is the down payment subtotal for each basket item listed. If you have additional taxes that apply with an activity, those taxes will not be charged at the time of booking.


How do you tell the difference between a  fully paid and partially paid reservation? What does a ticket with a down payment look like?

On each ticket of a basket that is not fully paid there is a watermark across the ticket. You can customize the watermark text under Settings > Checkout, Taxes & Fees


What does a down payment booking look like in the admin?

It is easy to manage your down payment bookings in the Trekksoft back end.

Go to Bookings > Overview and filter your bookings by payment status. Here you can see the Outstanding Payment status for this basket right away.



Down payment feature for add-ons

We have extended our down payment option to add-ons. Merchants can now receive down payments for add-ons between 0 and the actual add-on price. 


On bookings that require a down payment for add-ons, the balance will display as outstanding and a watermark will appear on the tickets sent to the client (see above for information on how to customize your watermark).

 We hope that this new feature will make running your business online a whole lot simpler and further positively influence your TrekkSoft experience. Please comment below and let us know what you think of our new down payment feature.


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Stefani de Matos

Published by Stefani de Matos

Stefani is Portuguese/South African. She spent 4 years in Rome, Italy, where she obtained her BSc in Business Administration and Minor in Film and Digital Media. Stefani now works as a Customer Success Manager at Trekksoft.

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