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Published by Lucy Fuggle | Oct 6, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

6 ways tour and activity companies in Norway can use the country's natural scenery as a marketing advantage

Visit Norway's tagline is "powered by nature", and this can apply to your tour and activity company's marketing too.

After all, Norway is consistently voted as one of the world's most beautiful tourist destinations. The country of fjords and midnight sun has seven UNESCO heritage sites, and the views of the Oslo-Bergen train journey are rarely beaten by other European routes.

Why not use Norway's natural beauty in your marketing and boost your bookings? 

1. Your website is the keystone of your marketing

Customers are likely to find your tours or activities through Google or TripAdvisor, and they will probably come across your website before booking. You might also have online bookings enabled on your website to boost sales.

To make your website as visually impressive as you can, consider:

  • Including a full-width photo, video, or image slider on your homepage to instantly grab attention
  • Adding a photo gallery with visual highlights of your tours, activities, or natural surroundings
  • Having at least one visual on each page of your website.
You can also check out our complete visual content marketing guide for more practical tips. 


2. Professional photography is always worthwhile

Mediocre photography is the fastest way to lose the marketing potential of incredible scenery. Invest in high-quality visuals that capture the beauty of your surroundings and use them on:

  • Social media
  • Your website
  • Print marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising, such as Google AdWords

If your budget can't currently facilitate professional photography, here are some apps that can give your photos a boost.


3. Think about scenic highlights of your tours and activities (and highlight these)

How do your surroundings contribute to your tours or activites? Perhaps you offer paragliding over the mountains, or boat cruises down the Hardangerfjord. Try to show these off in your marketing. If you're based in a city, there are still scenic highlights!

You can also think about your city's heritage. For instance, the UNESCO Heritage Site Bryggen in Bergen, or the cultural Frogner Park in Oslo. Our advice for tour operators in Croatia using UNESCO heritage in their marketing can equally apply here.


4. Show off Norwegian nature in your Facebook cover photo 

How visually spectacular is your Facebook cover photo? Does it make your followers want to pack their bags and plan a trip to Norway?

Try uploading an aesthetically brilliant - yet relevant - photo and monitor your audience's response. You can also work on your wider Facebook strategy.


5. Build your presence on visual social media platforms 

If you're lucky enough to have your tour or activity company based in a stunning location, share your surroundings on social media.

All networks are visual, but platforms like Instagram are particularly so. Create a winning Instagram social media strategy and make a name for your tours or activities digitally.

To help you along your way, download our free social media handbook.


6. Encourage customers to share their photos on social media

If your tour or activity involves great scenery, your customers are likely to be taking a lot of photos. Make sure there are photo opportunities, and at the end of the session:
  • Let the group know that you're active on social media
  • Share your account handles (it's also worth including these on your website and print marketing)
  • Mention any hashtags you use and monitor that they can include in their posts
  • Say that you're keen to retweet and share their photos with your networks
  • Make sure to do this!


You can also take a look at our advice for creating a social media strategy to promote your tours and activites, plus ten social media tips from our expert Colm Hanratty (and ten more!)


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