How to track your agent sales online as a tour and activity provider

Posted by TrekkSoft on Jun 13, 2012 offers the unique option to track agent sales online. The system we use is quite easy but it also works for accounting purposes.

The first step to integrate an agent/referal system is to sign up as a user on a specific mandator page (either in the frontend) or the administrator backend:


Sign up in the frontend of a specific mandator page


Add a new user in the administrator backend

After creating a new user or if there is an already existing user you need to link a user to an agent. For that, you need to define an agent in the administrator part of Trekksoft under //Marketing // Agents:


Create a new agent in the administrator part of

If you create a new agent, you will need to define a unique agent code. The idea of this agent code is to allow your agents to use a specific code on brochures, print materials etc. to generate comissions for people who are online booking via frontend. Besides the agent code you need to give him the amount of comission and decide if he needs a weekly or monthly accounting. You can define rights for every agent, depending on the trust and turnover. For example, you can give him the right to take cash payment.

Finally, you need to allcoate an agent to a user, so that the agent can login via the frontend site of your specific mandator site.

Under Accounting// Agent Accounting you find all the agent accounting based on the set up (weekly or monthly), you can generate dynamic .pdfs for the pay outs. IMPORTANT: all accounting is based on the trip date and not on the date where the trip was sold.



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