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Published by Colm Hanratty | Oct 8, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

5 ways to optimise your website to suit the season

Your website is like every other part of your business – it needs to be constantly monitored and tweaked to ensure it performs at optimum levels. This is extremely important when you’re switching from season to season.

Here are five tips to follow to ensure your website is optimised for the season in front of you.

1. Have seasonal tours front row centre
If you’ve got tours for a particular time of the year, or at least are more suited to one group of months instead of another, make sure they’re given the best possible placement on your website.


If you’ve got a carousel on your homepage, put the tours there. If you have a blog (here's why you should), write about them there. If you run competitions regularly, give the tours away to give them that extra push. And if you engage in email marketing, send a campaign that focuses heavily on this product.

2. Tweak your imagery… and your text
Images of Trafalgar Square basking in the sunshine for a London-based tour operator can look a bit out of place in October. Instead, a shot of Hyde Park in the snow could be more apt for that time of year.

Similarly, the words ‘Are you looking forward to this summer?’, doesn’t have a place on the website of a business based in the northern hemisphere in the month of September.

As one season is coming to an end and another is beginning, look at what imagery is on your homepage and product pages. Also go through all the text. Make sure none of it is out of date and ensure that relevant products are promoted over those tours or activities that won’t sell as well that time of year. 

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3. Run holiday offers
If have products that are more suited to months in your off-season, promote them via special offers. So let’s say you’re approaching the holiday season and you’ve got tours that are specific to that time of year. Get into the spirit of Christmas and give something away by way of discounts. Your customers will notice and bookings will be generated. Here's our advice on using add-ons to add value to your tours and activities.


4. …and offers for next season
Customers like being appreciated by way of rewards. One way to reward them is to offer discounts to those who book extremely early. You can do this by using an online booking engine like TrekkSoft's that incorporates voucher and discount codes.

As you enter your off-season, run offers for the next peak season. Pre-season sales will be generated, you’ll know months in advance that you’ll definitely have customers for the following high season, and money will be in the bank during the off-season. Win, win, win! Here are more ways to encourage advance bookings.

5. Share seasonal messages
Taking the time to update your website so you can wish your customers a happy holiday season has many benefits. For a start, it shows the human side to your business. Secondly, it shows Google that your website is a dynamic one. And thirdly, your customers will appreciate that you’ve taken the time out to send them best wishes.


What changes have you made to your website to suit the season?


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Colm Hanratty
Published by Colm Hanratty
Colm is Founder and Managing Director of digital marketing agency Sixtwo Digital. After running’s content and social media for almost 11 years he felt it was time to branch out on his own, using all his experience to educate others in the travel space.
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