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Published by Nicole Kow | Jun 1, 2017 | | 3 MIN READ

We're partnering with Hotelbeds group to power up real-time bookings

Access the press release (PDF) here: Hotelbeds taps into TrekkSoft to power real-time bookings for in-destination experiences 

We're excited to partner with the Hotelbeds Group, the number one bedbank in the world.

Through this partnership, tour and activity providers can now seamlessly upload their products onto Transfer & Activity Bank (a division of the Hotelbeds Group) through a streamlined contracting process and product mapping between suppliers and TAB’s distribution network. Once uploaded, agents and resellers can book from suppliers’ live inventory, opening up more opportunities for last minute, in-destination bookings and better guest experience for ticket validation.   

TrekkSoft is the only booking software provider to offer such sophisticated levels of back-end integrations with TAB. It truly simplifies the distribution and communication processes throughout the entire supply chain. 

TAB is the world’s leading distributor of transfers, tours and activities in the travel trade, powering much of the global destination services. It currently offers more than 16,000 transfers and 11,000 activities in 18 different languages and 35 currencies. Products available on TAB are distributed via the Bedbank brands, through TAB’s industry partners, and its own specialist brands including Hotel Extras, Isango, Guidego and Let’s Shuttle.



Jon Fauver, CEO of TrekkSoft, says of the partnership:

“The depth of our integration with TAB is a huge step forward for the tours and activities segment. We’re extremely proud to partner at such a deep level with the global leader in destination services distribution, and offer a powerful Channel Manager with some of the most comprehensive integrations on the market. This collaboration is a showcase for removing friction from multiple touch points in the industry in terms of contracting, booking and redemption, something many of us have been striving towards for a long time. On top of all that, we’re very excited about the distribution opportunities TAB offers TrekkSoft’s customers, and the value we can offer TAB’s suppliers too, especially those struggling to manage their distribution.”


Pedro Bazán, Global Product Director at Transfer & Activity Bank, adds:

“For some time now, we’ve sought to eliminate the manual confirmation of our bookings and we’re delighted to work with TrekkSoft, our preferred integration partner. TrekkSoft possesses the advanced skills, knowledge and technology to enable live inventory and real-time booking capabilities throughout our international network. We’re confident that our partnership with TrekkSoft will make our suppliers’ lives easier.




Despite growing interest from multiple new startups and investment from prominent industry drivers, the tours and activities sector still struggles to grow into its online potential. The fragmented supplier base and high barriers of entry also hinder the long tail from realising true return from multi-channel distribution.

Partnerships and collaborations like this are key to pushing the industry forward and helping suppliers realise the opportunities technology can provide.


What does this partnership mean for tour and activity suppliers? 

The goal of this partnership is to develop a TrekkSoft and TAB integration to solve the problem of live inventory, real time bookings, and take the friction out of the contracting process. 

Once suppliers upload their inventory information (e.g. tour description and images) onto TrekkSoft’s system, TAB is able to automatically sync this information and upload it onto their database to share with TAB's partners. The automation benefits all parties involved as suppliers will only have to upload the information or make changes on one platform while the system routinely syncs between TAB and TrekkSoft to ensure that the latest information is always available.

Details of the integration are as follows: 

  1. Simplify the contracting process between Suppliers and TAB. This allows suppliers to automatically upload their inventory, prices and availabilities onto TAB’s distribution network.
  2. Allow TAB to automatically draw content and images of a trip via TrekkSoft’s API.
  3. Suppliers can upload inventory and promote activities directly to TAB’s database and distribution networks.
  4. Allow TAB direct access to suppliers’ live availability and pricing.
  5. Allow suppliers to manage their TAB bookings directly from their TrekkSoft admin desk



Distribute your tours on Hotelbeds Group's network

TrekkSoft customers can already sign up to distribute their tours via TAB in 3 simple steps.
  1. Head over to the Channel Manager and then to Marketplace to register with TAB. 
  2. A TAB representative will contact you to complete the contracting process.
  3. Once completed, your inventory will be published across TAB's distribution channels.
For more information, head over to our documentations page. Recommended reading about distributing and promoting your tours:


Interested in learning more about how TrekkSoft can help you organise your bookings from Hotelbeds?

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